This year CPW Awards 2012-2013 will start soon, votes were held from June 16, 2013 until June 30, 2013. There are many awards to be given out. 2012-2013 hosts are Wolf-gangs and Penguin-Pal.


Top BureaucratPenguin-Pal-
Top AdministratorPenguin-Pal-
Top PatrollerC H U N K YI can't believe I'm best Patroller! Thanks guys! I will try to be the best user! Maybe I could be best admin next year.. It all depends...
Top Chat moderatorC H U N K YThanks so much! I thought no one would vote for me!
Top RollbackFottymaddy-
Top BloggerFottymaddy-
Top EditorPenguin-Pal-
Top Wikia StaffTrellar-
Top Club Penguin ModeratorPolo Field-
Best PhotographerOcean6100Thanks for voting for me! I'm rather obsessed with adding pictures of the items. It's a privilege to be able to edit on here!
Best KickbannerVicyorusThanks to whoever voted for me! This has been a great year, so many people to kick in the chat, it's hilarious. XD-smiley
Best Party ThrowerFottymaddy-
Best AvatarAwesome335 and Apj26-
Best CoderPenguin-Pal-
Best SignaturePenguin-Pal-
Best User PageDps04LOL I haven't updated my user page for months..., but I am glad that someone still liked it :P Thanks.
Best Custom DesignerChoco Late9-
Article Creator of the YearPenguin-Pal-
Friendliest UserDps04Thanks to whoever voted for me! Honestly, I never expected this award, so thank you guys for treating me so well in the past year. Without your kindness, I couldn't have been friendly :P
Vandalism Stopper of the YearPenguin-Pal-
Leader of the YearPenguin-Pal-
User of the YearSuper MironI can't believe I won! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! Happy Emoticon 20px
Article of the YearRockhopper-
Strictest Admin of the YearWolf-gangsHonestly, am I the strictest admin XP. I will try to be less strict and be a better admin for you guys :).
Best Wiki Party (2012-2013)Welcome Party by CPWN-
Best Club Penguin Party (2012-2013)Medieval Party 2012 and Holiday Party 2012-


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