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*Star Ham Ham - its the nutshack
*Star Ham Ham - its the nutshack
*Fire86743 - Natsu's Wikia account
*Fire86743 - Natsu's Wikia account
*Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 - athlon tobot is best anime

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This page is where you can request for chat statuses.

Chat statuses are special statuses that briefly describe you as a user.


Please leave your username and the status you would like.

Ensure that your status does not contain anything inappropriate such as swearing, bullying/harassment, discrimination, etc. Requesting a status with inappropriate content will be removed.

If you decide you want to change your status, please add your name to the list again as a new status request. Do not remove any of your previous status requests.

Add new requests under this line.

RafaelMoutaCP - Photoshoper Expertise. Yes check Done.
  • Mrdave921 - ♪Have a holly jolly Christmas...♪
  • Star Ham Ham - its the nutshack
  • Fire86743 - Natsu's Wikia account
  • Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 - athlon tobot is best anime
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