Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter: September 2008 Issue #1 - Monthly

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Top Story: New Administrators!

by Barkjon

In the last month or so, there have been numerous new administrators and rollbacks. Here is the list of new sysops:

And the list of new rollbacks:

The Club Penguin Wiki is getting much bigger!


hello ACPWTA this is Agent P reporting we have rescued herbert from mars why we still need to do somehing well se you next thursday Agent P

Mini Newsletter

By 121penguin99

Help the wiki improve! Yes, I'm going to help improve the wiki. One of the first moves is this news paper. We can help expand it, plus numerous other things... I'm going to start improving it by making a mini newspaper, that has two top storys, and one smaller story. I shall also make an archive of previous editions of this newspaper. In between the next two lines, write down ideas of how to improve the wiki.

Top Story : The Ninja's are back

By 121penguin99

The Ninja's are back! And it's no hack. Black penguins have been found sitting on the Night Club. But more mysteriously, in the dojo a black penguin was found yelling,


I clicked on him, to bring up his player card because, of course, I thought he was hacking so I was going to report but you couldn't report him. The button wasn't there. Or any other button. He had no name, although after a while, the word "Ninja" started flickering where there should be a name. And where ther should be a pin, there was the moderator image.

New administrators!

Something for the wiki to rejoice about, Sockpuppets411 and freeloh have joined the admin force! YAY!


See the forum for information on Sockpuppet's recent escapade! DillyDally 08:08, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

I've been Fishy

Yeah, check out the forum! FISHY! I'm swimming in a bowl! Now, guess what! More Ninjas! This time, whenever someone said something, it immediatly came out of their mouth. No new news.--Соккпуппитс411(contribs|talk|[http://www.clubpe 12:26, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

Fun Section

TurtleShroom's Tabloid

Yes, it's clean. Would I be posting it if it was not?

Our top stories tonight:

  • Aunt Arctic: Married?! Shocking details of Uncle Arctic!
My husband is a kind penguin, he runs the printing press for the Penguin Times! Without him, the Times couldn't be copied and given to millions of penguins!
  • Have the Ninjas arisen? Or have they just taken the elevator?

Villains in the News

  • Captain Str00del has juist stolen twelve shipments of EggoTM Waffles!
  • The Str00del Force has grown in numbers!
  • HH raided sixteen refigerators in one night, with a wand he got out of a cereal box!

In Other news...

TurtleShroom's Quote of whenever he gets around to it:

Augh!!! Rockhoppers! There were at least ten of 'em!


As many of you probably know, we are in a crisis. Just look around, because I am tired of explaining.--Šŏčҝpũppëťš411 consider yourself...terminated! 20:23, 12 October 2008 (UTC)