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==[[User:CPW Community Admin|CPW Community Admin]] (-1)==
==[[User:CPW Community Admin|CPW Community Admin]] (0)==
:Nominated by [[User:-TwinkieReborn-|-TwinkieReborn-]] and confirmed by [[User:Apj26|Apj26]].
:Nominated by [[User:-TwinkieReborn-|-TwinkieReborn-]] and confirmed by [[User:Apj26|Apj26]].
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#[[User:-TwinkieReborn-|-тωιηкιεяεвσяη-]] 18:21, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
#[[User:-TwinkieReborn-|-тωιηкιεяεвσяη-]] 18:21, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
===Against (3)===
===Against (2)===
#[[File:Greece_Flag.png|20px|link=Special:Contributions/Samantas5855]] [[User:Samantas5855|Samantas5855]] <small><small>(</small></small>[[User talk:Samantas5855|<small><small>talk</small></small>]]<small><small>)</small></small> 20:19, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
#[[File:Greece_Flag.png|20px|link=Special:Contributions/Samantas5855]] [[User:Samantas5855|Samantas5855]] <small><small>(</small></small>[[User talk:Samantas5855|<small><small>talk</small></small>]]<small><small>)</small></small> 20:19, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
#[[User:Drybones9219|we're sorry, we don't accept the enemies here.]] ([[User Talk:Drybones9219|Talk]])
#[[User:Drybones9219|we're sorry, we don't accept the enemies here.]] ([[User Talk:Drybones9219|Talk]])
#[[User:Stickman, The Legendary Hero|We&#39;re gonna heat things up here on this isle...]] ([[User talk:Stickman, The Legendary Hero|talk]]) 22:04, September 12, 2017 (UTC)

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The Demotion Project is a place where any user can vote on users to be demoted.

Rules and how to nominate

  • You cannot vote for or against yourself.
  • You cannot tell other users to vote for or against someone, including yourself if you are nominated.
  • You must have made at least 50 mainspace edits.
  • A user that was nominated for demotion cannot be nominated again in the following month.
  • A vote closes after 2 weeks.
How to nominate a user
  1. Contact an admin and mention the nominee's username. Tell the admin why you believe a demotion should be done.
  2. This admin will then confirm whether it's a reason for demotion. If possible, it's also recommended that 2 admins will confirm it.

To nominate, paste the following text in the bottom of the page and fill in the parameters

==<nominee> (0)==
:Nominated by <your name> and confirmed by <administrator's name>
===For (0)===
===Against (0)===
  • <nominee>- the nominee for demotion.
  • <your name>- the name of the person that requested the demotion.
  • <administrator's name>- the name of the confirming admin(s).
  • <reason>- the reason for demotion.

Vote under the "For" section if you want to vote for, and sign under the "Against" section if you vote against. Signing is done by adding to the bottom of the list of votes:


Your signature must contain your user name and/or a link to your use page (or user talk or contributions).
Remember to change the number of votes in the heading when voting.

Please vote under this line

CPW Community Admin (0)

Nominated by -TwinkieReborn- and confirmed by Apj26.

CPW Community Admin has recently falsely accused breaking policy, claiming it is against the policy to release screenshots of “conversations from outside the wiki”. This is not, nor has it ever, been true. He claims that a second chance will be revoked, and that a block will be placed. False accusation and unnecessary block threat.

There have also been events of bad behavior from CPWCA. There has also been an instance known of him repetitively saying something along the lines of “Roll on New Years Eve” towards an admin, knowing 2018 will be when said admin leaves.

Here are logs of those statements extracted:

[2017-08-22 18:04:28] <CPW_Community_Admin> I so can't wait until new year.

[2017-08-22 17:57:02] <CPW_Community_Admin> I can't wait for Christmas to come and go.

[2017-08-22 17:57:07] <CPW_Community_Admin> Roll on next year.

Check logs on August 22nd, 2017 for further proof and context.

CPWCA demoted Custard on the Discord server, an official extension of the Club Penguin Wiki, after he refused to tell CPWCA where Apj was. He later claimed he was altering the rights of every user on the Discord. This was disproven by Custard, using the Discord Audit log.

A bureaucrat without proper knowledge of the policy is one that is hard to put trust in. False accusations point to a bad sign in someone’s power. It is not one the wiki needs.

For (2)

  1. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 18:21, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Sucy4 Seth4564TI (Talk) (Blog) Sucy4

Against (2)

  1. Greece Flag Samantas5855 (talk) 20:19, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
  2. we're sorry, we don't accept the enemies here. (Talk)


  • I'd also like to add in that there was an instance late last month of CPWCA harassing Dps over making a Christmas card, for some reason 4 months early. Dps made it clear it was his decision, but CPWCA still kept going. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 18:21, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
  • Is this because you're so butthurt about being warned from CPWCA? Dude, this is not the way to do things. EDIT: Even after all that, I still decide against.We're gonna heat things up here on this isle... (talk) 20:03, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
    • I'd like to start off this reply by stating it has nothing to do with that. As Pixie said, you didn't want to state any reason for supporting the demotion of Vicyorus. So why not actually give a reason CPWCA should keep his rights, other than just "He's my friend!"? -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 20:14, September 12, 2017 (UTC)
  • What the heck is wrong with CPWCA? - Sorry, We don't accept Enemies here.

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