The Demotion Project is a place where any user can vote on users to be demoted.

Rules and how to nominate

  • You can not vote for or against yourself.
  • You must have made at least 20 edits this month.
  • A user that was nominated for demotion cannot be nominated again in the following month.
  • A vote closes after 2 weeks.
How to nominate a user
  1. Contact an admin and mention the nominee's username. Tell the admin why you believe a demotion should be done.
  2. This admin will then confirm whether it's a reason for demotion. If possible, it's also recommended that 2 admins will confirm it.

To nominate, paste the following text in the bottom of the page and fill in the parameters

==<nominee> (0)==
:Nominated by <your name> and confirmed by <administrator's name>
===For (0)===
===Against (0)===
  • <nominee>- the nominee for demotion.
  • <your name>- the name of the person that request the demotion.
  • <administrator's name>- the name of the confirming admin(s).
  • <reason>- the reason for demotion.

Vote under the "For" section if you want to vote for, and sign under the "Against" section if you vote against. Signing is done by adding to the bottom of the list of votes:


Your signature must contain your user name and/or a link to your use page (or user talk or contributions).
Remember to change the number of votes in the heading when voting.

Please vote under this line

Techman129 (1)

Nominated by TheNintendoKing and confirmed by Callum Fawsitt.

He is a strange mod. I will not be going through the logs, I am going to let others do that because I cannot be bothered. Either way, he kicks people far too many times for invalid reasons such as his own opinions. For example, one time I saw him come onto chat and I said; '* TheNintendoKing bullies Techman (evil)'. And he kicked me for that ;_;. Like what the hell. He also kicks many other people for no reason at all and bans many other people for no reason at all. Another point is that whenever someone says something apparently violent, he just makes it sound worse than it actually is. Also, he is quite rude as well. Bunch of other reasons that I will allow other users to point out if they wish.

For (1)

Against (0)


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