An archive page for all the "Pictures of the Month" images can be found here.

The Featured Image is a spot on the mainpage to show our best images. A new one appears every month, but they are voted on here. The image with the highest vote difference by the end of the month becomes the Featured Image. The featured image on the main page is updated on the 29 of each month, where the Featured Image will go to archives. Once an image is chosen to be a featured image, it cannot be nominated again. These images can be about any subject in Club Penguin, including events, characters, games, etc.
Note that these images must follow the image policy.

Instructions and Guidelines
  • Each month there will be votes for an featured image, where all users can vote for an image. The results will be announced every 29 of the particular month (with an exception for February).
  • Note that only a limited number of photos will be nominated each month, so picking the Featured image would not be difficult.
  • Animated images are allowed to be nominated, but this rule can be changed in the future.
  • The credit for the winning image will be given to the user who uploaded it, so please do not upload an image that has been formerly uploaded by another user.

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