The Penguin of the Month for December 2013 was held from November 29 2013 - December 29 2013, which lasted for 31 days. Detailed results are as follows:

CandidateNominatorNumber of VotesUsers who voted for this candidate% of overall votes
BluePuffle470JWPengie11 (3) JWPengie, Jnk9, The Puffle Planet, Jnk9, Penguin44eve, Nom Nom Cake, Mixer2301, Shurow, Casablancker, Twinkie102, SugarPenguin12, Kallie Jo

(Jess0426, The Ultimate Guitar Master, 0 Berry)


Yellow denotes a winner.

BluePuffle470 won with a total of 8 overall votes, which is about 72.7% of the total number of votes, and became the Penguin of the Month of December 2013. Congratulations!

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