The Penguin of the Month for November 2013 was held from October 29 2013 - November 29 2013, which lasted for 31 days. Detailed results are as follows:

Candidate Nominator Number of Votes Users who voted for this candidate % of overall votes
Phineas99cp 0 Berry 7 (1) 0 Berry, Penguin44eve, Casablancker, Jnk9, Ninja Penguins, Green Ninja, SugarPenguin12


BluePuffle470 Vicyorus 7 (4) Vicyorus, Jeserator, JWPengie, Kallie Jo, Dps04, Jess0426, Penguin-Pal

(Ninja Penguins, Jnk9, Penguin44eve, SugarPenguin12)


Yellow denotes a winner.

Phines99cp won with a total of 6 overall votes, and became the Penguin of the Month of November 2013. Congratulations!

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