Lists of Penguins of the Month!

Previous winners of the Penguin of the Month are listed here.


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2017Watatsuki3click here!
February 2017-TwinkieReborn-1click here!
March 2017None----
April 2017Shurow2click here!
May 2017Smallview2click here!
June 2017None----
July 2017Nagi1231click here!
August 2017None----
September 2017None----
October 2017Dps042click here!
November 2017DarkSoul241click here!
December 2017CPChatBot1click here!


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2016Samantas58551click here!
February 2016CustardTheFreeBird1click here!
March 2016Jeserator2click here!
April 2016PixieLil1click here!
May 2016Ghhhooossst1click here!
June 2016Seth4564ti1click here!
July 2016Techman1291click here!
August 2016AustinD-31click here!
September 2016PixieLil2click here!
October 2016Smallview1click here!
November 2016CustardTheWikiBird1click here!
December 2016Jeserator3click here!


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2015Matthew.fitzgerald.161click here!
February 2015Watatsuki2click here!
March 2015Hey.youcp3click here!
April 2015Sleetcp1click here!
May 2015Matthew.fitzgerald.162click here!
June 2015Penguin-Pal3click here!
July 2015Hey.youcp4click here!
August 2015Green N Cool1click here!
September 2015P.H. CP1click here!
October 2015Vicyorus2click here!
November 2015Hey.youcp5click here!
December 2015Jess04261click here!


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2014Casablancker1click here!
February 2014Penguin-Pal2click here!
March 2014Kallie Jo2click here!
April 2014Callum Fawsitt1click here!
May 2014None--click here!
June 2014Cool Pixels1click here!
July 2014Hey.youcp2click here!
August 2014Roger68812click here!
September 2014Watatsuki1click here!
October 2014None----
November 2014None----
December 2014VicBot1click here!


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2013Rhysw20021click here!
February 2013Arsenal557021click here!
March 2013Dororo1111221click here!
April 2013Fottymaddy2click here!
May 2013Twinkie1021click here!
June 2013C H U N K Y1click here!
July 2013Vicyorus1click here!
August 2013Jeserator1click here!
September 2013Kallie Jo1click here!
October 2013Green Ninja1click here!
November 2013Phineas99cp1click here!
December 2013BluePuffle4701click here!


MonthUserWin #Detailed Report
January 2012Dps041click here!
February 2012Roger68811click here!
March 2012Fottymaddy1click here!
April 2012Sdgsgfs1click here!
May 2012Awesome3351click here!
June 2012Apj261click here!
July 2012Choco Late91click here!
August 2012Commander Bsyew1click here!
September 2012Shurow1click here!
October 2012Ocean61001click here!
November 2012Hey.youcp1click here!
December 2012Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls1click here!


MonthUserWin #
January 2011None--
February 2011None--
March 2011None--
April 2011None--
May 2011None--
June 2011Cp kid1
July 2011ShrimpPin1
August 2011The Plush1
September 2011Happy651
October 2011None--
November 2011Mixer23011
December 2011Penguin-Pal1


MonthUserWin #
January 2010Seahorseruler1
February 2010Hat Pop2
March 2010Zapwire1
April 2010None--
May 2010None--
June 2010Tigernose1
July 2010None--
August 2010ClubPenguinMaster1
September 2010LordMaster96--
October 2010Hat Pop3
November 2010None--
December 2010None--


MonthUserWin #
January 20094th Hale1
February 2009Metalmanager1
March 2009Sharkbate1
April 2009Dancing Penguin4
May 2009TurtleShroom2
June 2009Flystar555551
July 2009Ced12141
August 2009Hat Pop1
September 2009Pingali Moi1
October 2009Alxeedo1111
November 2009Hal Homsar Solo1
December 2009Sharkbate2


MonthUserWin #
January 2008Barkjon1
February 2008Dunklebug1
March 2008TurtleShroom1
April 2008Barkjon2
May 2008Robbsi1
June 2008Dancing Penguin1
July 2008Barkjon3
August 2008Super24daisy1
September 2008Dancing Penguin2
October 2008V-Rex1
November 2008Happyface4141
December 2008Dancing Penguin3
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