This part of the policy refers to what you can do and are not allowed to do with accounts in this wiki.

What can I do?

  • You are allowed to use up to 2 accounts - one main account, and one spare.
    • If you do have a spare account, it's recommended to use it as a bot.

What can't I do?

  • Use more than 2 accounts in this wiki.
  • Vote or participate in decisions with an account other than your main account.
  • Spare accounts are incapable of receiving user rights (with an exception of bots).
  • If you are blocked on your main account, you are not allowed to use your spare.

What happens if I create more than two accounts?

Offense Result (main account) Result (other account)
First 3 hour block Blocked forever
Second 1 week block Blocked forever
Third 1 month block Blocked forever
Fourth An infinite block Blocked forever

Using Sockpuppets to evade restrictions

Consequences included are chat bans and blocks

Offense Evading chat ban Evading block
First 1 month ban 3 month block
Second 3 month ban 6 month block
Third An infinite ban An infinite block


Remember that the only way to distinguish between accounts is by tracking the IPs on which they were logged in. Excuses that a family member, a friend, a neighbour, (etc.) controls accounts that have been used through the same IP as yours will not be accepted as they cannot be confirmed or denied.

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