The administration has the final say. For example, if a chat moderator vandalizes but does not get demoted in a community vote, admins have the authority to override the vote and demote the vandal.



  • If an administrator deletes a sub page, they are allowed to do so if they have a reason. If they do not include one, ask them. Do not start arguing and complaining... instead calmly state your point to the admin who deleted it, and discuss it with them.

Admin Veto

On our wiki, many projects have been made in order to either clean up the wiki, or help users. An example of a project on our wiki is the uploading help page.

If a user disagrees with a project, they may tell an admin. A majority of the admins must agree to remove the project before it can be taken down.

If the project contains inappropriate content or violates the policy, an admin may take it down immediately without it passing an admin vote.

Some tips...

  • If admins see nothing wrong with a project but the community wants it closed, a community vote will be held.
  • The removal of a project can be cancelled if the community gathers a large number of "For" votes for the project to stay.
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