The Club Penguin Wiki offers a real time chat. To prevent inappropriate behavior, the wiki administators created the following policy to keep order. This page contains the rules all users must follow and the results they will have to face when they break the rules.

Note: To access this wiki's chat, your account must be autoconfirmed.

Chat rules


The Club Penguin Wiki Chat.

Note that the non-chat-related policies (e.g. privacy policy and account policy), as well as Wikia's Terms of Use, are still applied on chat, and violating them may result in certain restrictions (e.g. bans or even blocks). In addition, the chat has some additional rules. This section lists these rules and clarifies other rules.

  • No collecting and/or distributing/revealing personal information about users, such as address, family information, etc.
  • No swearing, using inappropriate language, or mentioning/referring to/adding alcohol, drugs or sexual text to the chat.
  • No spamming - Typing long and meaningless words, spamming with emotes, as well as flooding are not permitted. Excessive usage of uppercase words (caps) is considered spam as well.
    • Singing (that is, posting partially or entirely the lyrics of a song, either in a single message or spread across several messages) is also considered spamming.
  • No being mean (bullying) - Do not tease other users, make fun of them, or speak of them in a way that would be offensive.
  • No posting or directing to (e.g. linking) inappropriate content.
  • No fights - Any kind of fight is strictly not allowed in chat. If you see a fight in chat, you can try and calm the users that take part in it, and contact a mod if it continues.
  • No raiding - Large groups of users from other wikis that all join chat at once may be kicked or banned if a mod has a clear indication that they are going to break the wiki rules.
  • No foreign languages - To prevent confusion and swearing in other languages, you may only speak English in the chat.
  • No abusing powers - The chat mod right should be taken seriously, which means chat mods are strictly not allowed to play with their powers.
  • No death threats - Any threats against a user's life will not be tolerated.

Moderator status

Users who are chat moderators (anyone who has access to the kick/ban features- have a badge next to their name in chat) are responsible for enforcing the rules. While being in chat, you are asked to pay attention to their notes or warnings.

The results if you break the rules

Action First offence Disobeying warnings 3 offences
Spamming Warning Kick 3 days ban
Swearing 3 days ban 5 days ban -
Abbreviating a swear word Kick Kick 3 days ban
Being mean Kick Kick 3 days ban
Linking to sites with inappropriate content/products Kick 3 days ban 7 days ban
Chat moderator abuses rights/breaks the rules 3 days demotion - -
Death Threats Kick 5 days ban 2 week ban


Please understand that bans could be a longer duration for certain offenses and that some offenses could even result in blocks depending on the situation. Some examples are listed below:

  • If a user reveals personal information of another user such as a full name, address etc.
  • If a user links to a very inappropriate website.
  • If a chat moderator abuses their rights, they could be demoted permanently depending on the situation.
Consequences may vary according to administrator/chat moderator decision, but these are the just the most suitable ban times to use.

A reminder...

  • If you broke the above rules more than three times, you may get an infinite ban from chat.
    • Or even infinite block if necessary.


Whenever sending a report about chat, please do not take screenshots for confirming discussions in main chat (e.g. in case of someone spamming or swearing). Screenshots can easily be edited, and therefore we cannot entirely rely on them for proofs. As the chat is mostly logged, please provide the date, the time (recommended in UTC) and the users involved instead in your chat report.

You're allowed to...

  • Chat about Club Penguin, including your penguin, your igloo etc.
  • Use block/capital letters in chat (NOT chatting fully with block/capital letters in the main chat).
  • Announce any party you are throwing in Club Penguin.
  • Set meetings in any other wiki without any links in chat (use Private Message).

Some tips

Rule (3)

The Kick and Ban options, which are available for chat moderators and admins only.

  • A KICK is permitted as a warning; people who are kicked can come back on chat straight after.
  • A BAN is only permitted after a user gets the number of warnings needed due to breaking the rules above.
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