In the Club Penguin Wiki, every user has his or her own page called a user page. Users can add information about themselves, their penguins, and any other things related to them or Club Penguin. However, having a user page does not mean you can do things that are beyond the wiki rules, like swearing on your user page. There are also some cases in which a user overuses his/her user page, which can result in the page being protected so the user can no longer edit.

Things not to do

  • No revealing too much personal information - You are allowed to talk about yourself, but must not reveal your address, phone number, or any other kind of sensitive information, for your own safety.
  • No inappropriate language - This includes swearing, mentioning/referring to alcohol, drugs, racist remarks, or sexual text on your page.
Rule (9)

A user page in the Club Penguin Wiki.

  • No bullying - Do not tease other users, make fun of them, or speak of them in a way that would be offensive.
  • No adding inappropriate images or links - Do not add a link to an inappropriate website, or an inappropriate image. For more information, see: Imagery Policy
  • No making advertisements for any votes - You are not allowed to add advertisements for users to vote either for or against on any sort of vote, like for Penguin of the Month.
  • No adding things that cause fights - Fights are strictly not allowed in chat, blogs, user pages or anywhere else in the wiki. Do not provoke others to cause drama or create arguments.

If you broke the above rules...

  • If a user reveals too much personal information - Three warnings, then if he/she does not remove it, a 1 week block.
  • If a user is swearing - A 1 week block.
  • If a user is bullying other users - Three warnings, then if he/she does not remove it, a 1 week block.
  • If a user adds an inappropriate image - A 1 week block.
  • If a user makes advertisements for any votes - Three warnings, then if he/she does not remove the advertisement, a 1 week block.
  • If a user causes a fight by adding offensive content to his/her user page - Three warnings, then if he/she does not remove it, a 3 day block.
  • If a user adds inappropriate links - Three warnings, then if he/she does not remove it, a 3 day block.

A reminder...

  • An infinite block is possible if you broke the rules more than 3 times.

A user page gets protected when...

  • User page edit count percentage of 40% or higher, your user page and any subpages under it will be protected indefinitely until the percentage goes below 40% again. Userpages can only be locked when the user has 100 edits or more.

Although some exceptions to unprotect...

  • When the user urgently wants to update his/her user page, he/she can contact an admin.
    • However, the user page will be unprotected for one day only.
    • Also, only 5 edits are allowed on that one day.


  • Authorized personnel (such as administrators and people authorized by the administration) are allowed to edit your user page and all pages under its scope in special occasions, such as the renaming of a template/image/category or when it directly violates this policy.
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