This page is for promotions.

There are 5 types of user rights promotion vote pages in this wiki: Chat moderators, rollbacks, patrollers, administrators and bureaucrats. You can nominate users to receive some of these rights. It is important that you contact an admin either on their talk page or on the chat to confirm the vote.

Voters Notice: Please read the voting policy thoroughly before you vote.

Below are links to pages for each specific user right promotion page:

Administrator Promotions

Use Admin Promotions

Padlock Pin.PNG Administrator requests are currently closed.

Bureaucrat Promotions

Use Bureaucrat Promotions

Padlock Pin.PNG Bureaucrat requests are currently closed.

Chatmod Promotions

Use Chatmod Promotions

Padlock Pin.PNG Chatmod requests are currently closed.

Rollback Promotions

Use Rollback Promotions

Padlock Pin.PNG Rollback requests are currently closed.

Patroller Promotions

Use Patroller Promotions

Padlock Pin.PNG Patroller requests are currently closed.

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