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Welcome to the Club Penguin Wiki's sandbox!
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Still not finished :P I need to finish it before Thursday

The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter

The Official Club Penguin Wiki Newsletter
Issue #9: July 25, 2014
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We're BACK!


Hello everybody. I wanted to make the Penguin Harold renewed and have a fresh start again. What is The Penguin Harold you ask? Well, it's a newsletter for the wiki, showing news of all that has happened lately here. The Penguin Harold ended on December 22, 2013 due to low popularity. But, I wanted to share recent news that has happened on the wiki, so I recreated the old newsletter.

CPNext Emoticon - Light Bulb

Rockhopper founded his trusty Red Puffle, Yarr on June 9th, 2005.

Club Penguin Improvement Project is the first event in club penguin that allows the transformation of penguins.

Over 900,000 penguins had been created just between February and March of 2006.

Rsnail is the only penguin to start his name with a lowercase letter.

Club Penguin Times Issue #436


Club Penguin has released the new newspaper Issue #436! This is the 27th February newspaper edition. The main headline is this newspaper is about the Fair! The Upcoming events are also posted here. So Make sure you read the full newspaper and also read the Jokes and the Comics to laugh out loud and the secrets to find many mysteries.




New Prize Added to the Fair

Silver Ticket

I am having a lot of fun during the Fair 2014 and this time Club Penguin is giving out cool items for members and especially non-members and this party is one of the best party I have ever played. But you must have a loads of tickets to have these items. Today a new item has been released and its name is Twinkle Twinkle Hat.


#WaddleOn Episode 26

WaddleOn Series Logo

Hey everyone, this week’s #WaddleOn is now posted online to everyone!This time it is better than last time. So here is the video, Penguin Friends:

WaddleOn Episode 26 The Phantom of Amazement Park Part 2 - Club Penguin

WaddleOn Episode 26 The Phantom of Amazement Park Part 2 - Club Penguin

The current pin is the Unknown July 24 Pin. Clothing Icons 7177



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