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A Night in Club Penguin
Genre Comedy
Length 1:38
Season 1
Characters Who cares?
Series Animated Short
Release Date 9000

A Night in Club Penguin is a animated short episode. It is the second episode of season one, and the second episode overall.

Episode Description

It starts in the middle of Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. A penguin waddles to the Stage to watch a movie like the Best Seat in the House. It seems empty, but he sits in the back. One penguin waddles in and spills his drink next to the penguin. He feels angry, and moves to the row in front. A penguin next to him is eating popcorn, and like the other one spills it's popcorn. He chews up the popcorn and moves to the front row. Two penguins were eating popcorn and the crunching hurts the penguin's ears. To end the short, a popcorn bomb lands from the roof, and then explodes, making the Stage full of popcorn.

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