This page is a guide for uploading images. You may want to use the sidebar on the right to directly read the help section you are looking for.


There are 3 ways of uploading files to the wiki:

  1. By pressing the "Add a Photo" button on the sidebar in any article or via the Contribute dropdown on the top of each page.
  2. Via Special:Upload.
  3. For uploading multiple files, you may want to use Special:MultipleUpload.

File types

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There are 4 standard file types for images to upload to the wiki:

Drawings and sketches

  • .png- a recommended file type for screenshots and item images.
  • .svg- the recommended file type for sketches.

Pictures and photography

  • .jpg or .jpeg- the standard file for photos.


  • .gif- a file that is great for animations, however, is not very good for regular images due to large compression.

File names

When uploading an image to the wiki, make sure the image name is subjective, and gives enough information about the image, also to make finding the image easier.
Also, you must not use inappropriate and/ or offending language for your file name.

Examples for file types
Good file names Problematic file names

Town holiday party 2011.png
Newspaper issue 322 upcoming events.png
Penguin Style Oct 2011.jpeg


Our image policy

We have several rules about image uploading.


When uploading an image, you must add a proper licensing. Licenses are meant to attribute the source of the image. While some images contain copyrighted data, you may need to find the correct licensing.
You can add licensing using the dropdown when uploading the image.
Note that images you upload, and are not given a proper licensing, may be deleted in the future due to copyrights, or in case someone will want to look for the creator of the image, he will not be able to find it.


  • We recommend that you upload your image for screenshots in the *.png format, to give much better quality.
  • If you edit a .jpg image and edit it in an editor, try to edit the original version of the file, or select minimum compression, to prevent over-compression.

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