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Player card generator



Add an ID of a puffle, puffle item or a clothing item to its matching text box, and click "add"/"remove" to add/remove that item from the player card.

In order to get an ID of a penguin/puffle item, you can search for them in the wiki.
For IDs of puffle species, use the table below:

Puffle ID Puffle ID Puffle ID Puffle ID
Blue Puffle 0 Pink Puffle 1 Black Puffle 2 Green Puffle 3
Purple Puffle 4 Red Puffle 5 Yellow Puffle 6 White Puffle 7
Orange Puffle 8 Brown Puffle 9 Rainbow Puffle 10 Gold Puffle 11
Black T-Rex Puffle 1000 Purple T-Rex Puffle 1001 Red Triceratops Puffle 1002 Blue Triceratops Puffle 1003
Yellow Stegasaurus Puffle 1004 Pink Stegasaurus Puffle 1005 Blue Border Collie 1006 Orange Tabby Cat 1007
Green Raccoon Puffle 1008 Orange Raccoon Puffle 1009 Pink Raccoon Puffle 1010 Blue Raccoon Puffle 1011
Green Rabbit Puffle 1012 Pink Rabbit Puffle 1013 White Rabbit Puffle 1014 Red Rabbit Puffle 1015
Blue Deer Puffle 1016 Black Deer Puffle 1017 Red Deer Puffle 1018 Purple Deer Puffle 1019
Yellow Unicorn Puffle 1020 Snowman Puffle 1021 Ghost Puffle 1022 Blue Crystal Puffle 1023
Green Alien Puffle 1024 Orange Alien Puffle 1025 Yellow Alien Puffle 1026 Purple Alien Puffle 1027
Note: Flare the Elite Puffle is counted as a clothing item, and has a clothing ID of 5060.

Names in other languages generator


Wiki multicategory navigation


Party messages generator


Catalog generator


Clothing items archive

The following script lets you list all the clothing items from your penguin's inventory, based on your browser's cache.
Since the script uses a large item database (approximately 0.6MB), click the following button to import the script to the current page:

load script
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