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Available No
Cost 1200 coins
Floor ID 20

The Cobblestone was a rare igloo flooring in Club Penguin. It cost 1200 coins in the Igloo Upgrades catalog, and only members could buy it.


Catalog Available from Available until
Igloo Upgrades October 16, 2009 November 10, 2011


Depending on which igloo is used, the appearance of the flooring is different. Flooring that is not a carpet or the Snowy Floor each have 16 types, although for most of these flooring, some types are visually identical despite having different IDs. For this flooring, types 5 & 6 and 15 & 16 are identical.

Type Sprite In igloo Igloos used in
1 Cobblestone type 1 sprite Cobblestone type 1 igloo Basic Igloo, Candy Igloo, Secret Stone Igloo, Snow Igloo
2 Cobblestone type 2 sprite Cobblestone type 2 igloo Deluxe Blue Igloo, Big Candy Igloo, Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo, Deluxe Snow Igloo, Cave Igloo, In Half Igloo
3 Cobblestone type 3 sprite Cobblestone type 3 igloo Split Level Igloo, Candy Split Level Igloo, Split Level Snow Igloo, Backyard Igloo, Snowy Backyard Igloo, Green Clover Igloo
4 Cobblestone type 4 sprite Cobblestone type 4 igloo Bamboo Hut, Deluxe Gingerbread House
5 Cobblestone type 5 sprite Cobblestone type 5 igloo Log Cabin, Dojo Igloo
6 Cobblestone type 5 sprite Cobblestone type 6 igloo Gym, Warehouse
7 Cobblestone type 7 sprite Cobblestone type 7 igloo Snowglobe, Ship Igloo, Tree House Igloo
8 Cobblestone type 8 sprite Cobblestone type 8 igloo Ice Castle, Pink Ice Palace, Grey Ice Castle, Shadowy Keep, Dragon's Lair
9 Cobblestone type 9 sprite Cobblestone type 9 igloo Fish Bowl
10 Cobblestone type 10 sprite Cobblestone type 10 igloo Tent, Circus Tent
11 Cobblestone type 11 sprite Cobblestone type 11 igloo Jack O' Lantern, Gingerbread House, Estate Igloo
12 Cobblestone type 12 sprite Cobblestone type 12 igloo Restaurant Igloo, Theatre Igloo
13 Cobblestone type 13 sprite Cobblestone type 13 igloo Cozy Cottage Igloo
14 Cobblestone type 14 sprite Cobblestone type 14 igloo Mermaid Cove, Trick-or-Treat Igloo
15 Cobblestone type 15 sprite Cobblestone type 15 igloo Whale's Mouth, Shipwreck Igloo, Wildlife Den, Medieval Manor, Pineapple Igloo, Fresh Baked Gingerbread House, Puffle Tree Fort, Puffle Tree House, Ice Palace Igloo, Ezra's Hideout, Starship Igloo, Talent Show Stage, all 12 (color) Puffle Tree Houses, Spring Palace, Stage Igloo
16 Cobblestone type 15 sprite Cobblestone type 16 igloo empty Igloos when the igloo itself is removed (just location)
Cobblestone type 16 igloo Creepy Cavern, Frost Bite Palace, Penthouse, VIP Penthouse, Secret Base, Imperial Base Igloo, Beach Party Igloo, Gymnasium Igloo, Magical Hideout, Eerie Castle, Sweet Swirl Igloo, Train Station Igloo, Main Event Igloo, CP Airliner, Space Dome Igloo, Tour Bus Igloo, Sharks Gym, Schoolhouse Igloo, Ghostly Cavern Igloo


  • It was the most expensive flooring in Club Penguin.
  • The Dirt & Leaves flooring is largely the same as this one, but without stone paths on top of the base.
    • The base of types 1-10 of both flooring are completely identical.
    • The base of types 11-16 differ between the two, with different leaf placement. Except for 11, Cobblestone's types also have a trapezoid shape instead of being rectangular, but this is not visible in-game.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Piso Pé de Moleque
French Le Sol Rues Pavées
Spanish Caminito de adoquines
German Kopfsteinpflaster
Russian Пол с мощеными дорожками