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Coins for Change 2013 Interface
Holiday 2013 Party Icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Holiday Party 2013
Where? Top-right of your screen

The Coins for Change 2013 Interface is the donation menu for Coins for Change during Holiday Party 2013. It includes the donation user interface, as well as some extra features.


  • A counter that displays the number of total coins donated by the current player, and annter counter showing the total coins donated by all players.
  • Trains shop for members.
  • 10 checkpoints. Once the total amount of donated coin reaches a checkpoint, a new item is available from the interface.


# Coins needed Item unlocked Type Image
1 1,500,000,000 Little Red Wagon Hand Item
Clothing Icons 5393.png
2 3,000,000,000 Penguin Nests Pin Pin
Penguin Nests Pin icon.png
3 4,500,000,000 Toy Sack Neck Item
Clothing Icons 3190.png
4 6,000,000,000 Habitat Preserver Background
Clothing Icons 9243.png
5 7,500,000,000 Marching Band Drum Neck Item
Marching Band Drum.png
6 9,000,000,000 Clean Water Pin Pin
Clean Water Pin icon.png
7 12,000,000,000 Wildlife Corridor Protector Background
Clothing Icons 9242.png
8 16,000,000,000 Milk and Cookies Hand Item
Clothing Icons 5392.png
9 20,000,000,000 Gold Railroad Piece
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Furniture Furniture Icons 2161.png
Furniture Icons 2162.png
Furniture Icons 2163.png
Furniture Icons 2164.png
10 23,500,000,000 Sweet Swirl Igloo Igloo
Igloo Buildings Icons 67.png


  • There was a bug that when you tried to collect the Gold Railroad Pieces, it would say that the item wasn't available. However, this bug was quickly fixed.