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Comics were located on the Fun Stuff page of the Club Penguin Homepage, in real life books, and in some Club Penguin Times newspapers. Comics were often related to events occurring Club Penguin, or satirizing gameplay or social elements, such as penguins roleplaying as objects or other creatures.

Many of the Fun Stuff comics were included in the Club Penguin Comics: Volume 1 book, along with a variety of new comics original to the book.

Comics frequently appeared in the Club Penguin Magazine, with some being one page long, while others spanned several pages.

Only one comic was made for Club Penguin Island, published on the Island News Blog.

Newspaper comics[]

A few comics appeared in the early issues of The Penguin Times, but were later replaced with comics submitted by fans for the following few years, until the newspaper redesign in November 2010, where fan-made comics were removed as well. In issue 426 of the Club Penguin Times, comics returned in some issues, replacing the second section of the Ask Aunt Arctic feature. The comics were drawn in a unique art style with simplistic shading. There were four recurring comic series.

Recurring series[]

In order of debut appearance

Name Description Variants Appearances
X-treme Penguin

A penguin attempts to make a game "extreme" by including aspects of other games.

Note: Previously appeared in old comics.

X-treme Keytar Drum Tuba, X-treme Iceberg Tipper, X-Treme Sled Racer 2.0 434, 446, 467
Wrong Game Penguin A penguin who appears in the Aqua Grabber, but always interrupts another game. Ice Fishing, Puffle Launch, Aqua Grabber 437, 442, 476
Penguin Products A salesman attempts to sell a trademark Club Penguin item, but then realizes its flaws and or quirks. Hot Sauce, Anvils, 3D Glasses 451, 460, 473, 506
Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal engage in various adventures. Jet Pack Guy, Gary, and Protobot also appear. Part I, Part II 500, 501


Newspaper comics[]

Fun stuff page comics[]

Exclusive to real-life books[]

Club Penguin Island[]


  • The first four comics from early issues of The Penguin Times, all titled "Waddle On", were credited as being made by "Zippo Penguin". This name previously appeared at the back of the September 2005 Penguin Style catalog, in the form an ad for a missing Fluffy the Fish.
    • Screenhog came up with the name "Zippo Penguin" as a "goofy" penguin name.[1]
  • Polo Field said on Twitter that comics stopped being made because they were too time consuming to make, but they returned in the issue 426 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • In issue 436 of the Club Penguin Times, the comic had a secret: if the mouse cursor hovered over the Everyday Phoning Facility badge, the EPF badge appeared, and clicking on it would reveal a message regarding the Indestructible Containment Environment.
  • In comic 460, there was a message saying "We won't run out. Rookie ordered sooo many." This was a reference to when Rookie tipped the island during the Underwater Expedition, by ordering too many anvils.