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Command Coach
Command Coach title screen
Invented by Unknown
Damaged by Unknown
Located Command Room in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force,
EPF Command Room in Herbert's Revenge

The Command Coach is a device that appears in the two EPF video games: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. In both games, it can be used in the game's multiplayer menu if two players both have a copy of the same game.

In Herbert's Revenge, the Command Coach is upgraded by Gary the Gadget Guy with a Virtual Reality Training program and is used as part of the game's story to relive six PSA Secret Missions.

In the games[]


The Command Coach

When accessed from the multiplayer menu in the title screen, one player chooses to host and one player chooses to join. Once connected, the host player can select any main mission in the game that they have completed so far, and the next main mission they have not completed, if any.

The host player plays the mission as normal, while the joining player has limited control. While this multiplayer mode is active, hidden objects appear, including coins, which both players receive when the host interacts with them. The host player cannot see hidden objects on their screen, but the joining player can. During normal gameplay, the joining player can only draw on the touch screen, and whatever is drawn appears on the hosting player's screen for a few seconds, which can be used to call attention to the hidden objects. The host player can freely interact with these hidden objects, even if the joining player does not draw on the touch screen.

During mini-games, both players participate. When the mini-game ends for both players, and at least one of them succeeds (Jackhammer and Grapple Gadget cannot be failed, so both players must complete them), the players can progress. Unlike hidden coins, the two players only receive the coins they got in their own instance of the mini-game. Only the host receives medals. During micro-games (small tasks such as piecing objects together), both players must complete the micro-game to progress. In the first EPF game, one player can simply pause the game and select quit to forcefully end the mini/micro-game on their side, so only the other player is required to complete it. In Herbert's Revenge, pausing and quitting during a mini/micro-game causes that player to return to the menu instead and the other player to receive a communicator error, so both players completing a mini/micro-game is mandatory to progress. In single-player, mini-games have a button to skip them on their title screen, but in multi-player, they cannot be skipped.

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force[]

The Command Coach is on the far right side of the Command Room, first seen in the second mission, Left to Your Own Devices. During this time, it is covered in a sheet and marked as "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". After completing this mission, it is uncovered. Despite being "UNDER CONSTRUCTION", it can still be used at any point in the game, even if both players are starting a fresh save file, and have not yet started the first mission in single-player.

Some missions have hidden features, which the joining player can see and host player can interact with. Most of these interactions are footprints or tracks leading to a certain area. In all missions, there is a hidden crate in a room. Interacting with it causes both players to receive an item, all of which can only be obtained with the Command Coach. Side missions, seasonal missions, and downloadable missions cannot be played with the Command Coach.

Mission Hidden feature(s) Hidden item(s)
1: The Mystery Unfolds Magic Wand, at the Beach
2: Left to Your Own Devices Tan Cowboy Hat, at the Dock
3: Rookie on the Rocks In the area of the Wilderness with an O'berry bush, there is a pile of snow blocking the path to the river area where Rookie is. There is a hidden shovel next to the pile of snow, which can be used to remove it and progress straight to the river, skipping another area where an unattended campfire must be put out with Bouncer. Red Propeller Cap, in the Forest
4: Looking for Clues In a few rooms, there are hidden footprints. Interacting with each one causes them to appear, and they all hint at places Gary visited before he went missing: at the Ski Village, they lead up to the Ski Hill. At the Beach, they lead into the Lighthouse. At the Plaza, they lead into the Pizza Parlor. Newspaper Hat, at the Ice Rink
5: All's Weld that Ends Weld Eyepatch, at the Mine Shack
6: Do It Yourself Carting In the Mine, there are hidden footprints leading from the Underground Pool to the mine cart tracks. In the area of the tunnels where Gary is trapped, there is a hidden set of tire tracks. Blue Sneakers, in the final cave area
7: Double Trouble At the Snow Forts and Town, there are hidden "puffle tracks" leading to the Ice Rink and Night Club, respectively. Firefighter Hat, at the Plaza
8: Flying High Pitched Graduation Cap, on the Tallest Mountain
9: Super Secret Gadgets Pink Sneakers, outside the Wilderness Cave
10: Damage Control At the Plaza, there are hidden tire tracks, like in the tunnels in the sixth mission. At the Town, there are snowboard tracks. These tracks at the Town look identical to the tire tracks, despite being made from a snowboard. Fairy Wings, on the Ski Hill
11: Robotomy 101 Hockey Helmet, on the Gift Shop Rooftop
12: Robots on the Run Pink Cape, by the cliff in the wilderness
13: An Agent's Work Is Never Done Knight Helmet, on the Gift Shop Rooftop

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge[]

In single player, the Command Coach is upgraded by Gary the Gadget Guy with a Virtual Reality Training program, which is used to relive six past PSA Secret Missions in virtual reality: Secret of the Fur, Questions for a Crab, Mysterious Tremors, Operation: Spy & Seek, Waddle Squad, and The Veggie Villain. These serve as missions 2 through 7 of the game. During these missions, the player has access to one or two Elite Puffles, which can be used as alternative solutions to problems, such as having Flit retrieve the fuel at the Beacon in Secret of the Fur instead of using the AC 1000.

Gary hid Snake Tokens in each mission, and if the player collects all six of them, with help from the Elite Puffles, the Spy Snake game is unlocked for use from the Spy Gadget.

In multi-player, the Command Coach is used like the first game, but is very simplified. The only hidden objects are 1 coins- there are no hidden 5 coins, boxes with 2 coins, or clothing items. There are also no hidden features. Both players must complete all mini-games and micro-games to progress.


  • In both games, the joining player appears at the Command Coach station in the Command Room (first game) or EPF Command Room (Herbert's Revenge). In the first game, the hosting player can interact with the joining player, and ask them questions. The joining player says the helmet they are wearing allows them "to see things that are otherwise hidden". They also remark they can see everything the hosting player can see, including themself in the coach station, which they "admit is pretty strange". In Herbert's Revenge, the joining player cannot be interacted with at all. They also do not appear at the beginning of the second mission, Secret of the Fur.
  • In the first EPF game, the joining player does not receive items that are obtained during the story (such as the Pro Board, fancy clothes from the Stage, etc) or medals from completing mini-games. The sole exception is the Elite Puffle Training Diploma award, which the joining player receives after Flying High Pitched is completed.
  • There are two unused Command Coach-exclusive features, which would have functioned similarly to the hidden shovel's shortcut in Rookie on the Rocks.
    • In Do It Yourself Carting, there would have been a hidden crowbar in the cave where Gary is trapped. It would have been able to remove the boards blocking the cave exit, as an alternative to Blast.
    • In Robotomy 101, there would have been a hidden cream pie in the Gift Shop's office. It would have been able to blind the Wheel-Bot while on the roof, as an alternative to Bouncer being used a second time.
  • There is a real-life toy version of the Command Coach which was released in series 10 along with Dot the Disguise Gal.



Elite Penguin Force[]

Herbert's Revenge[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Superviseur
Spanish Instructor
German Kommando-Coach
Russian N/A

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