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Construction Workers
Penguin Style July 2013 construction worker
Full Name Construction Workers
Species Penguin
Gender Any
Position Construction workers
Appeared In missions, before parties
Color Any
Clothes Items Hard Hat, Safety Vest (optional)
Related To N/A
Friends With N/A
Meetable Character? Yes

Construction Workers (or Jackhammer Penguins) are the resident builders in Club Penguin. Construction workers wear a Hard Hat whose special dance includes the Jackhammer 3000, and sometimes also wear the Safety Vest. The most famous construction worker is Rory, who can be seen in missions of the PSA and the EPF.

Construction workers usually show up during the preparation of a party, and when something new is being built. Construction sites are sometimes added to several rooms before a party is held.

Penguin Chat 3[]

Main article: Penguin Chat 3#Construction Worker

Penguin Chat 3, the predecessor of Club Penguin, allowed players to become construction workers in a dedicated construction site. This allowed players to drill when dancing, and also riding a Snow Cat.



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