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Cookie Shop
Holiday Party 2012 Cookie Shop.png

Where Snow Forts
Opened December 20, 2012
Closed January 4, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description
Voila! The Cookie Shop! Here you can buy Holiday Cookies... that transform you into all kinds of things. This place is buzzing with holiday cheer right now... and also probably from the extra sugar... All sales go directly to Coins For Change.

The Cookie Shop was a party room for the Holiday Party 2012 located north of the Snow Forts. You could buy cookies to transform into Reindeer Puffles, a Road Racer, or a Frost Bite penguin. You just had to waddle to the counter and click on the jar to donate and become the transformation of your choice. There was also a Coins for Change coin counter, adding up all the donations.

Geographic location