Cop Top
Cop Top icon
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Available Yes
Type Hair & Hats Item
Cost to make item 40 coins
ID 197
Internal name copTop

The Cop Top is a type of hair & hats item in Club Penguin Island. All players can obtain the blueprint used to make it by reaching level 15, as part of the Town Heroes Pack. Members can make this item for 40 coins each.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Reach level 15 April 12, 2017 Still available


  • Its description is "Wear it with honor and uphold the law on the island."


Names in other languages

PortugueseQuepe do TiraVista com honra e faça valer a lei da ilha.
FrenchCasquette de policePorte ta casquette avec fierté et fais respecter la loi sur l'île.
SpanishGorra de policíaLlévala con honor y haz que se cumpla la ley en la isla.
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