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Full Name Countess
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Countess
Appeared The Twelfth Fish
Color Dark Purple
Clothes Items Countess Steeple Hat
Countess Dress
Related To Unknown
Friends With Jester, Bard
Meetable Character? No

Countess was a character in the The Twelfth Fish play. The costume consists of a dark blue dress with a dark blue jeweled hat. In the original play, the Countess goes on a fishing trip with the Jester and the Bard and attempts to catch a Fish. In Rookie's rewritten version, the Countess is a penguin that enjoys counting and is searching for a dozen rare fish to count, again with the help of the Jester and the Bard.


"The Countess loves to count—and her goal since she was young: To find the dozen rarest fish, and count them one by one. So the Jester and the Bard are going to help her with her wish. Can they help the Countess find and count the rare Twelfth Fish?"

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