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Cove Opening Party

The Forest during the party

Members only? Yes
When May 25–29, 2007
Free Item(s) Non-Member

Life Ring

Location Forest, Cove and Plaza
Mascot(s) None
Not to be confused with Underground Opening Party.

The Cove Opening Party was a members-only party held in celebration of the opening of the Cove. It was held from May 25 to May 29, 2007.

The Cove Opening Party took place at the Forest, Plaza and Cove. The Forest featured a box of Lifeguard Whistles that were free to everyone, a small stand that said "juice" on it that had a variety of items on the stand — such as a blender with a purple liquid inside and a cash register — and lastly, a large sign of a penguin pointing to the Cove and saying "The Cove is down the stairs!". At the Cove there was a turn table, speakers, a box of records, cyan colored ribbons draped across several surrounding pine trees, a large banner that read "Member Party", and a box that contained life rings that were a wearable item. The three logs, camp fire, and lifeguard chair stayed after the party was over. At the Plaza, there was a sign pointing to the Forest that read "Member Party".

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Whistle icon.png
Whistle Forest No
Life Ring Cove Yes


  • The Surf Shack was not there at the time this party was at Club Penguin.
  • The Forest and Cove were discovered by a pair of penguins who had a map of them. They lost the map and penguins had to search for it to find the rooms.
  • Penguins who found the map were able to keep it as a reward.
  • It was the last party in Club Penguin to celebrate the opening of a new room.
  • Even after the party ended, the box of Whistles were left in the Forest until June 1.





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