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A crane is a machine used for transferring heavy objects. Cranes were involved in several events.


Penguin Chat 3

Cranes have first appeared in the game Penguin Chat 3, as a decoration for construction sites. It is also believed that this crane is owned by Penguin Construction Inc.

Club Penguin

Construction for Jet Pack Adventure

In late September and early October 2006, a crane could be seen at the Town lowering a Launch Pad onto the top of the Dance Club, and in the Plaza onto the top of the Pizza Parlor. This was the first appearance of a crane in Club Penguin. Jet Pack Adventure was later released on November 6, 2006.

Construction of the Stage

In November 2007, a crane could be seen in the Plaza holding a sign during the construction of the Stage. The Stage was completed on November 16, 2007.

Popcorn Explosion

A crane appeared again in the Ski Village after the Popcorn Explosion. It had been used to lift a large telephone into a newly constructed building, which was later named as the Everyday Phoning Facility.

Rockhopper's Quest

During the constructions for Rockhopper's Quest, a crane, that was located at the Beach, was used to pack cargo to the Migrator.

Marvel Super Hero Takeover

During the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, a Crane at the Cove fished out Herbert's chair and the Sub 1000 from Gary's Gadget Room.

Puffle Hotel Construction

A mobile crane was seen in the Plaza during the construction of the Puffle Hotel. Unlike most of the other cranes, this one could move around.

Penguin Cup Construction

A crane was placed at the Snow Forts during the construction of the Penguin Cup.

SoundStudio Party

A crane could be seen at the Snow Forts for the construction works of the SoundStudio Party.

Club Penguin Island

Construction of Island Central

During the construction of Island Central, a crane holding Franky's sign could be seen from the Beacon Boardwalk.

Construction of the Igloos

During the construction of the Igloos, a crane could be seen from Island Central, behind the Tram Station.


Penguin Chat 3

Club Penguin

Club Penguin Island

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