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Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave icon
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Available Yes
Type Building
Member item Yes
Cost 175 coins
ID 9
Internal name CaveMedium

The Crystal Cave is a building in Club Penguin Island. Members can buy this item at Igloos & Interiors for 175 coins. It is two units in size.


Location Available from Available until
Igloos & Interiors June 7, 2018 Still available


  • Its description is "A medium cave that sparkles with mystery".
  • Prior to June 28, 2018, players could only gain the ability to buy this item if they logged in during the first week of the Pirate Expedition.
  • This item won a You Decide! poll for a new igloo building. The other options were Cabin, Sand Castle, and Motorhome.[1]

Names in other languages

PortugueseCaverna de CristalUma caverna média que brilha de mistério
FrenchGrotte de cristalCette grotte de taille moyenne brille par son mystère.
SpanishCueva de cristalUna cueva de tamaño medio que brilla de misterio


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