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Crystal island
Merry Walrus Party crystal island.png

Where Unknown
Opened December 21, 2014
Closed December 30, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 891
Tour Description

The crystal island was a room that appeared at the Merry Walrus Party. To gain access to the island, the player had to complete all of the tasks at the Merry Walrus Party. Upon completing them all, the player was automatically transported here, and was greeted by the Merry Walrus, thanking the player, and allowing them to adopt Blue Crystal Puffles from the party interface.


  • After talking to Merry Walrus, the player could stay in the room, but upon leaving, the island could not be revisited. The room swf had no "block" object, a hidden boundary that defines what parts of a rooms players can be, meaning a player in this room could walk anywhere.
  • There was an Igloo Location named Merry Walrus Iceberg Location that was never released and was removed from the game files shortly after it was added to them, which might have a correlation with this island.


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