DJ Cadence's Studio

The interior

Opened March 8, 2018
Closed Still open
Character(s) Cadence
Where? Island Central

DJ Cadence's Studio is a room in Club Penguin Island, located within Island Central. It is Cadence's recording studio that contains recording and musical equipment.


Construction for the room was first seen in the 1.7.1 update, with construction tape covering the doors of the building and the sign remaining unfinished.

The room opened in the 1.10.0 update. The construction tape was removed and the sign was changed to picture of a Cadence emoji.


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The following non-portable gear can be used here.
Image Name Location
Gear Spruce Guitar icon
Spruce Guitar Left of the room

Quick Chat messages

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The following location-specific Quick Chat messages can be used here.
  • The party starts now!
  • What does this button do?
  • Let's make a new track!
  • Does Franky ever record here?
  • You can feel the creative vibes in here


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Name Soundtrack
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED GoesAround
CPI Town CadenceStudio LICENSED GoesAround
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED ItsABeautifulLife
CPI Town CadenceStudio LICENSED ItsABeautifulLife
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED MoreMoreMore
CPI Town CadenceStudio LICENSED MoreMoreMore
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED WhatThe
CPI Town CadenceStudio LICENSED WhatThe
Town CadenceStudio PufflePartyRemixColePlante
CPI Town CadenceStudio PufflePartyRemixColePlante
Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 01
CPI Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 01
Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 02
CPI Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 02
Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 03
CPI Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 03
Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 04
CPI Town CadenceStudio StudioSession 04






Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseEstúdio da DJ Cadence
FrenchStudio de DJ Cadence
SpanishEstudio de DJ Cadence
German N/A
Russian N/A
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