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Full Name Laura
Born UK
Position Moderator / Blogger
Joined the team July 2012
Left the team June 2015
Penguin Name Daffodaily5

Daffodaily5 (real name Laura) was a former moderator and blogger who worked for Club Penguin. She posted UK exclusive news and updates on the What's New Blog. Her first blog post was on August 3, 2012, about new UK exclusive items, facts about her and the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, and her last blog post was on June 1, 2015 announcing her departure.

Leaving Club Penguin

In June 2015, Daffodaily5 announced on the blog that she and some other members of the team who had worked at the Club Penguin Office in Brighton would be leaving Club Penguin.


Today I have some big news: some of us are moving on to our own little adventures. The blog will continue to bring you the latest CP news and stories, and Megg will be taking over Penguin of the Week!

The time I’ve spent as part of this community has been so brill. Here’s a pic of my favourite events we’ve shared together:

Special Announcement from Daffodaily5

It’s been amazing to get to know everyone, and to celebrate that, we’re hosting an epic parade across four different languages with the German, French and Spanish bloggers: Koa Koralle, Loustik005, and Karlapop321! On Wednesday, June 3rd, we’ll meet in the Plaza at the following times:

4:00pm BST (8:00am PST) – English, Big Foot server

4:15pm – Spanish, Avalancha server

4:30pm – German, Handschuhe server

4:45pm – French, Yeti Server

I hope we’ll see some of you there! In the meantime, share your favourite memories in the comments.

Waddle on forever!


- Daffodaily5

Description in What's New Blog

As written in a blog post by Billybob, on July 31, 2012:

In other news... I wanted to introduce you to the newest official Club Penguin blogger... DAFFODAILY5!

Daffodaily5 will be posting UK-exclusive news and updates right here on the What's New Blog! She's really nice, so make sure you introduce yourself.


  • According to Billybob's post, Daffodaily5 is friendly just like Happy77.
    • According to that same post, Daffodaily5 claims to enjoy decorating her igloo and is an outdoors-y type of person.
  • Daffodaily5 and Happy77 are the only bloggers in the English version of the What's New Blog to have numbers in their names.
  • According to her first post, she is sometimes called "Daffo" for short.
  • Daffodaily5's White Puffle was named Polo, and it was her favorite Puffle.
  • Daffodaily5 was the "VIP" of Issue 11 of The Club Penguin Magazine as there were new questions.
  • Daffodaily5 had a meet up to celebrate Red Nose Day on the server Zipline.
    • She also had some daily meetups starting on Tuesday March 12, 2013.
  • Daffodaily5 has a Twitter account - @Daffodaily5 which is no longer in use.
  • She has 43 Stamps.
  • She formerly posted Penguin of the Day on the What's New Blog. now she posts Penguin of The Week and sometimes throws parties or meet-ups in Club Penguin.
  • She organized a Magazine Party on August 31, 2013.
  • She went online to celebrate Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary Party, alongside Spike Hike, Polo Field, Ninja, Rsnail, Billybob, Businesmoose, Federflink1, Loustik005, Gajotz and Karlapop321.
  • She also went online to have a Halloween Igloo Party on October 26, 2013 during the Halloween Party 2013.
  • She appeared in The Spoiler Alert Episode 6.
  • Her favorite Muppet is Kermit the Frog.
  • She owns a pink puffle named Blossom.
  • She also appears in Club Penguin's 200th video along with her pink puffle Blossom.
  • According to one of her blog posts, she was joining the Fluffies for the Penguin Cup.
    • Because of this, she had a meetup during the Penguin Cup.


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