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Daily Music Challenge
Check mark.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Where? Everywhere
Not to be confused with the Daily Challenges, from Club Penguin Island.

The Daily Music Challenge was an interface available at the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. Items were available by clicking the icon with the check mark on the upper-right corner of the screen. Players then needed to go to a certain room and dance with the item to earn new titles and star pins.

Free Items and Challenges

Day One

All penguins can pick up the Purple Boom Box. Then, they must dance on the purple platforms at the Forest, Cove, and Mine Shack to get the Sweet Star Pin.

Day Two

Penguins have to wear the Music Splatter Hat and dance on the green squares at the: Forest, Cove and Mine Shack. They will then get the Mega Star Pin.

Day Three

Penguins have to wear the Pitch Perfect Shirt and dance on the blue squares at the Forest, Mine Shack, and Cove. They will then get the Super Star Pin along with the Center Stage Background.

Day Four

Member Penguins have to wear the Golden Microphone and dance on the gold squares at the Forest, Mine Shack, and Cove. They will then get the Gold Star Pin and if they finished all the other days too they will get the Hip Hop Hoodie.


Titles are rewarded after each day challenge is completed. They are ranked as...

  • Day One: Dancing Fan
  • Day Two: Backup Dancer
  • Day Three: Dance Master
  • Day Four: Superstar



  • When you log off and back in again, you can receive all of the items.
  • When you get an item, then you lose connection, therefore losing the item you just obtained. You had to wait until the next day for another chance to obtain the item.
  • Sometimes after completing a challenge, the next day it would say that challenge was not complete, so some players had to do the challenge again.