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Damage Control
Inspecting hole in Night Club wall
Splash text Help the other EPF agents gather robot clues.
Characters Gary, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Dot
Games played Ice Fishing
Elite Puffles used Flare

Damage Control is the tenth EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and Dot have all been stationed around the island, searching for clues, but are in need of assistance.


The player starts at the Gadget Room, where Gary is. If the player talks to him, he muses about feeling guilty for the damage his Test Robots have caused so far. The player reassures him that things will be made right, and Gary remarks he is fortunate to work with agents that strive to keep things safe. He then asks if the player is ready to get to work, and if the player says yes, the mission begins.

Spoiler warning: Plot, puzzle, and/or ending details follow.

Gary says the first step is touch base with the other agents through the Spy Gadget's communicator. The player asks if the robot deactivating gadget is ready yet, but Gary says he is having problems with how "micro" the microchips are, and lost one. The player and Gary then wish each other luck in their tasks. If talked to again, Gary can be asked about what help can be provided to the other agents, or what weakness the Test Bots have. For the former, he says three agents have been stationed at different locations for damage control, and for the latter he says he can't remember, but thinks he could if he had his trusty notebook.

The agents can be assisted in any order. They are:

  • Jet Pack Guy is at the Outback Pond, outside the Ski Lodge. He is glad to see the player, and reports that he spotted a flying robot steal the Beacon Telescope. While chasing it through the skies, he noticed the robot drop something, which, by sheer chance, fell into fishing hole of the frozen pond. Jet Pack Guy thinks the object might have been some sort of paper. The player ponders what a robot would need a telescope for, but Jet Pack Guy is more concerned with the paper, believing it may be a clue, and asks if the player can handle a fishing pole. The player says they can try and retrieve the paper. At this point, the player must play Ice Fishing. In this version of the game, only squids appear. After a while, a crab carrying a chest walks along the bottom of the screen, which can be grabbed with a squid. Once the chest is reeled in, the game ends, and a notebook is fished up.

    The player must then connect the dots from 1 to 36, which reveals a sketch of a robot head when completed. When Jet Pack Guy asks what it is, the player remarks that its a drawing, but with ink partially washed off. Jet Pack Guy questions why a robot would have a drawing, wondering if its in "robot art school". The player says they will show the sketch to Gary, while Jet Pack Guy says he will continue to pursue the Jet Bot, which he last saw heading to the wilderness.
  • Dot is at the Night Club, speaking with a construction worker who is examining a hole in the wall, about how a robot on wheels stole a pair of speakers. The worker wonders if the robots are having a "robot party", and Dot asks if the hole can be fixed. The worker says it should be no problem, and Dot notices the player, and says she has found something to show. If the player talks to the construction worker, they can be asked about the damage, but are unsure why robots are after such unportable and "tall order items". The clue Dot found is on the ground which she says the Wheel-Bot dropped. The player must then connect the dots from 1 to 24, which reveals a sketch of a robot arm when completed. The player comments some of the lines are rubbed off. Dot is displeased with how the robots are disturbing the peace. The player wonders if the clue is related to the incidents, and Dot suggests showing it to Gary.
  • Rookie is at the Plaza, struggling to build a new ticket booth for the Stage from scratch. The player exclaims that the Plaza is a mess, and asks what happened. Rookie says a robot came through and tore out the ticket booth, which is why he is building a replacement, but is having a hard time putting the last piece in place, and asks for help. If talked to, he can be asked about the booth: he says using nails, glue, tape, and even a jackhammer didn't work. He also says he only caught a glimpse of the robot taking the booth, but notes it was "moving fast. Like crazy snowboarder fast." Flare can be used to weld the last piece, welding it to the booth. Rookie says he will now search for the stolen booth, but is unsure of where to look. He also says he found a clue, but its smudged from the snow. The clue is nearby, and the player must then connect the dots from 1 to 17, which reveals a sketch of a robot body when completed.

At any point after recovering notebook sketch, they can be shown to Gary, and he comments on them. All three must be shown to him to progress.

  • For the head sketch from the pond, he says that he is concerned, and that these plans could be "disastrous in the wrong hands".
  • For the arm sketch from the Night Club, he comments that the design was to be "large and powerful", and the player wonders if the robots are building something.
  • For the body sketch from the Plaza, he recalls that he had his notebook with him when he went to the Mine.

Once all are shown, Gary says this level of destruction makes little sense to him. He says computers are what he likes to call "the 3 P's: Programmed, Predictable, and, therefore, Powerless", but thinks the current events may prove him wrong. The player is optimistic that the recovered notebook pages may help solve the mystery, and Gary agrees, but hopes its not too late. The player is determined to find the robots and shut them down, which reminds Gary that he finished the deactivating gadget. He then uses blackboards to illustrate how this gadget, the Robotomy, works: it is meant to be plugged into the robot's hard drive through a compartment in their torso. To access it, the robots should be disabled first, which can be accomplished by taking advantage of their weak spots, with help from the elite puffles. Once they are deactivated, they should be put in a bubble and returned to Gary. The player is excited to try this gadget out, and remarks it is their duty as an EPF agent to stop the rampaging robots. The mission then ends.

Spoilers end here.

Command Coach[]

If this mission is played in multi-player with the Command Coach, there is a hidden crate on the Ski Hill containing the Fairy Wings. Both players obtain the item when found.

At the Plaza, there are hidden tire tracks, enforcing that the Wheel-Bot was the one that stole the ticket booth. In the Night Club, there are hidden snowboard tracks, enforcing that the Snow-Bot was the one that stole the speakers and broke the wall.


  • After completing this mission:
    • The speakers on either side of the DJ table at the Night Club and the boxes of clothes outside the Gift Shop are removed, and the Stage's ticket booth is removed and is replaced with Rookie's replacement, all until the final mission is completed.
      • Although the other stolen object, the telescope, is also temporarily removed, it instead occurred earlier in the game for unknown reasons: after completing the previous mission.
    • The player cannot access the Gift Shop until the next mission is completed.
  • There is inconsistency in the game as to which Test Robot, between the Wheel and Snow bots, stole the speakers and which stole the ticket booth.
    • When entering the Night Club, Dot comments that a "robot on wheels" stole the speakers, and the player also says "robot on wheels" while inspecting the "tire tracks" inside, and Dot later refers to the Wheel-Bot by name. However, the hole in the wall is shaped like the Snow-Bot, and hidden tracks that appear at the Town while using the Command Coach are referred to as "snowboarding tracks".
    • When asked if he saw who stole the ticket booth, Rookie claims the perpetrator was moving "crazy snowboarder fast". However, hidden tracks that appear at the Town while using the Command Coach are referred to as made by "something with wheels".
  • Dot and Jet Pack Guy refer to the Wheel and Jet Bots, respectively, by name for the first time during this mission. Their names were never shown to be revealed by their creator, Gary, prior to this point, so it is unknown how the two agents knew these names.
  • When Rookie is first encountered, he is trying to hold a metal plate in place, but drops it. During this time, the inside of the ticket booth can be seen. Inside, there is a stool, and a door, beyond which is never seen in any Club Penguin media.
  • After the mission starts, the player can use the Spy Gadget's communicator to call Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and Dot, who each tell the player where they are. After the player helps an agent, the slot to call them is replaced with a slot to call Gary, who asks for a report, resulting in the player telling him about the clue they found (for the pond) or the damage in the area (Night Club and Plaza). Only one slot to call Gary is available at once, so after another of the three agents are helped, the older call to Gary is replaced with one corresponding to the latest agent that was helped. If talked to after helping all three agents, the player instead says they should report the news face-to-face, and asks if the deactivating gadget is ready, to which Gary replies the player should pick it up from the Gadget Room.
  • If the player talks to Gary in person after helping an agent, he can be told about what the Test Bots stole.
    • For the pond, he can be told about the telescope theft. He comments that telescopes have lenses, dials, and sturdy casing, all of which are good for "making a larger creation".
    • For the Night Club, he can be told about speakers being taken. He thinks they are likely trying to use audio transmitters for communication, possibly to "give a voice to something".
    • For the Stage, he can be told about the ticket booth being stolen. He is concerned that "ticket sales" will be affected, but is unsure what the booth could be used for.
  • After being shown all sketches the player currently has, regardless of whether its one, two, or all three, the mission's objective on the top screen changes from "Help the other EPF agents gather robot clues" to "Get the Robotomy gadget from G". However, the player can trigger this message change before receiving the gadget is possible, if they only have obtained one or two of the sketches and show them to Gary.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Commando anti-robot
Spanish Control de daños
German Schadenskontrolle
Russian N/A