Dancing Penguin
Dancing Penguin (1)

Full Name Dancing Penguin
Species Penguin
Position Secret Mission Subplot or Side-Mission
Appeared Secret Missions
Color Brown
Clothes Items Black Glasses
Related To Unknown
Friends With Dot, two unnamed penguins
Meetable Character? No
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Why do things keep breaking for me?
— Dancing Penguin

Dancing Penguin is a clumsy, but friendly brown penguin. They like to dance (hence their nickname), owns a portable telescope that helps the player, and likes riding on the Ski Lift. They appear in many of the Secret Missions, and gives players a thank-you card and a stamp when helping them in mission 3. They usually appear in missions as part of a "side-mission" or "subplot", like having to fix their telescope or unjam the Ski Lift. In mission 11, they need glasses to see, as they could not when they broke them. They are quite clumsy and breaks stuff frequently.

They may be an EPF Agent, because in nearly all missions they have the main subplot. They also give you an alien decoder test. They are also very sensitive, as they cry in every mission.

Involvement in Missions

  • Mission 1 - Their telescope breaks, and it gets fixed by a secret agent from the P.S.A.
  • Mission 3 - They tell a secret agent that there was a power surge and the lights in the Dance Club have gone out. When you repair it, they give you a thank-you card.
  • Mission 4 - They want to ride the Ski Lift, but it is broken.
  • Mission 7 - At the Ski Village, their snowman breaks, but they find out the best snow in Club Penguin is at the Snow Forts.
  • Mission 11 - They breaks their glasses when they accidentally sit on them, and when you fix them, they say they will tell all of their friends about you, and then Dot the Disguise Gal sends you the present saying you helped one of her friends.

Involvement in The Elite Penguin Force missions

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
  • Alien Conspiracy - They ask you to help them decode several messages written in the snow. They later reveal that this was a test, and that they were watching you.
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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePingüim Dançante
FrenchPingouin Dansant
SpanishDancing Penguin
GermanDer Tanzende Pinguin
RussianТанцующий Пингвин
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