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Dancing Penguin
Dancing Penguin sitting.png

Full Name Dancing Penguin
Species Penguin
Gender Unknown
Position ?
Appeared PSA secret missions
Color Brown
Clothes Items Black Glasses (The Veggie Villain only)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Dot, two unnamed penguins
Meetable Character? No
For the penguin from the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force video game, see Disco Penguin.
Why do things keep breaking for me?
— Dancing Penguin

Dancing Penguin is a clumsy but friendly brown penguin. They like to dance (hence their nickname), own a homemade portable telescope that helps the player, and like to ride on the Ski Lift. They appear in many of the Secret Missions, and they give players a thank-you card and a stamp when helping them in mission 3. They usually appear in missions as part of an optional side-mission, or to indirectly give the player a hint. In mission 11, the Dancing Penguin wears glasses, and cannot see after accidentally breaking them.

Involvement in Missions

  • Mission 1 - Their telescope breaks, and the player must use the Spy Phone's wrench to fix it. The telescope can then be used to find out that Aunt Arctic's missing puffles are on the Tallest Mountain.
  • Mission 3 - They are dancing in the Night Club, but after the power goes out due to the Electromagnet 3000, they start crying outside. The player can optionally restore power, which causes the penguin to reward the player with a thank-you card.

Dancing Penguin crying

  • Mission 4 - They want to ride the Ski Lift, but it is broken. Once the player fixes it, they start to ride the lift.
  • Mission 7 - At the Ski Village, their snowman breaks, but another penguin tells them that the best snow in Club Penguin is at the Snow Forts, indirectly giving a hint to the player.
  • Mission 11 - They break their glasses when they accidentally sit on them while waiting for the "movie" at the Ski Village to start. If the player manages to find replacement lens, fix the glasses, and give them to the penguin, the player can receive the Gift from Dot at the end of the mission.


  • In #WaddleOn: Operation Puffle Part 1, a crying brown penguin appears. This could be (or could be a reference to) Dancing Penguin.
  • In The Spoiler Alert, Polo Field refers to them as The Brown Crying Penguin.
  • Mission 1 is the only mission where players are required to talk to them to finish the mission.
  • In all missions the Dancing Penguin appears in, they cry because something is broken.


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Pingüim Dançante
French Pingouin Dansant
Spanish Dancing Penguin
German Der Tanzende Pinguin
Russian Танцующий Пингвин