Dark Black
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Available No
Type Color
Member item No
Party None
Cost N/A
Where found N/A
Item ID N/A
Unlockable No

Dark Black is a color in Club Penguin. It is not available in-game, but is used as a placeholder for games designing, where the color is later picked by the penguin's color. It can sometimes be seen through glitches.

Color Values

000000 0, 0, 0 0-360, 0-100, 0


  • There are a few Mix-And-Match figures that appear to be Dark Black.
  • In Club Penguin's videos on the old main page, Old Blue and Dark Black penguins were animated on pictures of Club Penguin.[1]
  • The penguin on the cover Lime Green Dojo Clean is Dark Black.
  • A few penguins in My Puffle are Dark Black.
  • This is the only color in Club Penguin that has no shadow value.
  • The color can be obtained for a few seconds by wearing some items (not all work) and changing from color to color really fast, if you don't move, you can be dark black for a limited period of time.
  • Polo Field wore this in The Spoiler Alert


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