Descendants Party

Members only? No
When September 16–30, 2015
Free Item(s) See the Descendants Party interface
Location Mine Shack, School, Iceberg
Mascot(s) None
Be rotten to the core.
— The tagline of the party

The Descendants Party was a party in Club Penguin that started on September 16, 2015, and ended on September 30, 2015. It began on the same day as the Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was a smaller event.


On August 19, 2015, Megg made a post on the What's New Blog, confirming the party. She also stated the CP team received many requests to make a Descendants Party.[1]


  • It was the fourth sponsored party in 2015, and the fourteenth sponsored party overall.
  • The penguin statue in the Mine Shack transformed into the beast (from Beauty and the Beast) every 5 minutes.
  • It was the smallest sponsored party in Club Penguin.
  • This was the first party since Operation: Blackout to not have special party emotes and the first party since the Holiday Party 2013 to not have a themed logo screen for a party.
  • At the Iceberg, a drawing on a building that read "The Dragon Shall Rise Again" could be a reference to Scorn.
    • Though it was more likely to be a reference to Maleficent, Mal's mother, as she had the power to turn into a dragon.


  • On the Club Penguin App, if players went to the path leading to the Dojo Courtyard (the sign was removed but there still was a trigger), they would go to the Town Center, instead. When in the room, the penguin's model would be bigger, having the same size of a penguin inside an igloo.


Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin Times

Issue 515

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Party Dialogue



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFesta de Descendentes
FrenchFête Descendants
SpanishFiesta Descendientes
German N/A
Russian N/A


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