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Descendants Party interface
Descendants Party interface icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Descendants Party
Where? Everywhere

The Descendants Party interface was an interface available at the Descendants Party. It allowed all players to get items based on the characters of the film Descendants.


Image Name Type Members only
Mal's Spellbook icon.png
Mal's Spellbook Hand Item No
The Mal icon.png
The Mal Head Item Yes
Mal's Makeup icon.png
Mal's Makeup Face Item
Mal's Outfit icon.png
Mal's Outfit Body Item
Mal's Boots icon.png
Mal's Boots Feet Item
Magic Hand Mirror icon.png
Magic Hand Mirror Hand Item No
The Evie icon.png
The Evie Head Item Yes
Evie's Outfit icon.png
Evie's Outfit Body Item
Evie's Boots icon.png
Evie's Boots Feet Item
Trophy icon.png
Trophy Hand Item No
The Prince Ben icon.png
The Prince Ben Head Item Yes
Prince Ben's Outfit icon.png
Prince Ben's Outfit Body Item
Prince Ben's Boots icon.png
Prince Ben's Boots Feet Item
Fairy Godmother's Wand icon.png
Fairy Godmother's Wand Hand Item No
The Audrey icon.png
The Audrey Head Item Yes
Audrey's Outfit icon.png
Audrey's Outfit Body Item
Audrey's Shoes icon.png
Audrey's Shoes Feet Item
Auradon Knights Stick icon.png
Auradon Knights Stick Hand Item No
The Jay icon.png
The Jay Head Item Yes
Jay's Outfit icon.png
Jay's Outfit Body Item
Jay's Boots icon.png
Jay's Boots Feet Item
Dude Stuffie icon.png
Dude Stuffie Hand Item No
The Carlos icon.png
The Carlos Head Item Yes
Carlos' Outfit icon.png
Carlos' Outfit Body Item
Carlos' Boots icon.png
Carlos' Boots Feet Item