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Desk of Discovery
Desk of Discovery icon
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available Yes
Type Furniture Item
Member item No
Cost 40 coins
ID 66
Internal name MagicDesk

The Desk of Discovery is a furniture item in Club Penguin Island. All players can gain the ability to buy it by reaching level 18, as part of the Fantasy Pack. Members can buy this item at Igloos & Interiors for 40 coins each.


Location Available from Available until
Igloos & Interiors November 28, 2017 Still available


  • Its description is "Holds potion ingredients and those scissors you can never find".

Names in other languages

PortugueseMesa da DescobertaContém ingredientes de poções e aquela tesoura que você nunca encontra
FrenchBureau de découverteContient des ingrédients de potions et ces ciseaux que tu perds sans arrêt.
SpanishEscritorio del DiscoveryContiene ingredientes para pociones y esas tijeras que nunca encuentras

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