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Dining Table
Dining Table icon
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Available Yes
Type Furniture Item
Member item Yes
Cost 30 coins
ID 203
Internal name DiningTable

The Dining Table is a furniture item in Club Penguin Island. All players could gain the ability to buy it either by reaching level 3, as part of the Fame Pack, or by logging in during World Penguin Day 2018. Members can buy this item at Igloos & Interiors for 30 coins each.


Location Available from Available until
Igloos & Interiors April 18, 2018 Still available


  • Its description is "We haven't looked under the tablecloth but we're 99% sure there's a table".


Names in other languages

PortugueseMesa de LanchoneteNão olhamos sob a toalha de mesa, mas temos 99% de certeza de que tem uma mesa
FrenchTable de salle à mangerPersonne n'a vérifié sous la nappe, mais il y a 99 % de chances pour que ce soit une table.
SpanishMesa de comedorNo miramos bajo el mantel, pero estamos seguros al 99 % de que es una mesa

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