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Scientific name Dinosauria
Similar creatures Megalodon, Pterosaurs (Pterosauria) Dinosaur Puffle
Appeared Prehistoric Party 2013, The Penguins that Time Forgot, Prehistoric Party 2014 and Prehistoric Party 2016
Predators Varies
Prey Varies

Dinosaurs (literally terrible lizard) are reptilian creatures with sharp teeth and fangs along with multiple jagged and angular protrusions usually along the back or any other limbs that appeared at the Prehistoric Party 2013, the Prehistoric Party 2014, Prehistoric Party 2016 and The Penguins that Time Forgot. Despite being extinct in the real world and Club Penguin Universe, Dinosaurs were seen active in "jurassic" Club Penguin to which member penguins were able to transform into several different species of dinosaur. Penguins themselves evolved from dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs are reptilian creatures that lived during the Mesozoic Era. They lived on Club Penguin Island during that time, along with Dinosaur Island. The island looked very different, covered in jungles, dirt, and volcanoes. There were many different dinosaurs, consisting of many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some had wings (but they could only glide, not fly; some of them could not glide). Some were carnivores, some herbivores. Some even had feathers, but still could not fly. Today, non avian dinosaurs (dinosaurs that are not birds) don't exist, as they became extinct. The only place dinosaurs still exist, in the Club Penguin universe, at least, is Dinosaur Island, which could be explored during the party Rockhopper's Quest. Scientists do not have very much information on them, due to them living long ago. However, one present day penguin scientist named Gary the Gadget Guy invented a time machine, the Time Trekker 3000, to visit Club Penguin island during the Mesozoic Era, in which he and other penguins encounter many dinosaurs, and learned more about them. He did this once again for the Prehistoric Party 2014.


Dinosaurus Rex

The Dinosaurus Rex is a species of dinosaur that appears in the Dinosaur Island. It is based on the Tyrannosaurus.


Tyrannosaurus is a species of tyrannosaurid theropod (dinosaur) that appeared during the Prehistoric Party 2013 and Prehistoric Party 2014.


Pteranodon is a species of pterosaur that appeared during the Prehistoric Party 2013 and Prehistoric Party 2014.


Triceratops is a species of ceratopsian dinosaur that appeared during the Prehistoric Party 2013 and Prehistoric Party 2014.


The Raptor is a species of theropod dinosaur that appeared at the Prehistoric Party 2014.


Stegosaurus is a species of armored dinosaur that appeared at the Prehistoric Party 2014.


  • On Dinosaur Island, many different dinosaur species from different time periods all live in the same place.
  • There are 5 different dinosaur species that members were able to transform into during the Prehistoric Party 2014. These 5 are Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon (not a dinosaur but a pterosaur), Raptor and Stegosaurus.
  • Dinosaur in Ancient Greek literally means "terrible (dino) lizard (saur)".
  • Dinosaurus rex is not an actual dinosaur, just a name taken from Tyrannosaurus.
  • Two of Gary's favorite dinosaurs are Carcharodontosaurus (a carnivorous dinosaur larger than Tyrannosaurus) and Micropachycephalosaurus (a small Pachycephalosaurid).
  • In 2013, when players transformed into a dinosaur, the blue circle around them disappeared.
  • Gary confirmed in the Club Penguin Times that dinosaurs still live on Dinosaur Island in the present day.
  • There are four different colors of each type of dinosaur.
  • During the Prehistoric Party 2014, new dinosaurs were released and transformable.
  • During the Prehistoric Party 2014, the original dinosaur colors were modified a bit.
  • In 2014, instead of spewing dinosaur vomit when throwing a snowball, players would only throw regular snowballs.


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