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Dinosaur Puffles

Available No
Attitude Happy
Member only Yes
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Stomping on the ground and creating a cloud of dust
Tongue color Purple/Orange/Green
Speed N/A
Special features None
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID black1000, purple1001, red1002 blue1003, yellow1004, pink1005

The Dinosaur Puffles are a type of Puffle Creatures in Club Penguin. They were available to adopt by members during the Prehistoric Party 2014, 10th Anniversary Party, and Prehistoric Party 2016.


  • Attitude: Happy
  • Favorite toys: Anything at the Puffle Hotel (cannot be cared for in an igloo)
  • Elite Puffle Items: None (currently)
  • Special facts: Dig prehistoric items, have dinosaur appendages
  • Favorite game: None
  • Play: N/A
  • Bath: N/A
  • Food: Corresponds to color
  • Favorite Food: N/A
  • Gum: N/A
  • Dance: Stomps the ground.
  • Postcard: N/A
  • Brush: N/A
  • Sleep: N/A
  • Tickle: N/A

Puffle Handbook Description

We discovered dino puffles when we traveled back in time! Members were able to adopt these wild puffles. Dino puffles can dig for rare prehistoric treasure.


Members could adopt Dinosaur Puffles via the following steps:

  1. Find a Dinosaur Puffle egg in the Dino Dig game.
  2. Bring it to the Volcano (Prehistoric) so it is able to hatch.
  3. Hatch the dino egg by heating it on a hotspot three times.



  • There is a glitch where if you are walking a blue Triceratops Puffle and you sit down, the Puffle will disappear from your player card for a short time. It will keep disappearing and won't reappear if you keep holding down the 'S' key. When you stop holding it down, it will reappear.
  • When you walk the type of Dinosaur Puffle color at the Pet Shop, it will appear as the original puffle instead of the dinosaur puffle design on the mat.


Sneak Peeks

Triceratops Puffles

Blue Triceratops Puffle

Red Triceratops Puffle

Stegosaurus Puffles

Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle

Pink Stegosaurus Puffle

T-Rex Puffles

Black T-Rex Puffle

Purple T-Rex Puffle


Log-in Screens


Black T-Rex Puffle

Purple T-Rex Puffle:

Red Triceratops Puffle:

Blue Triceratops Puffle:

Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle:

Pink Stegosaurus Puffle: