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Not to be confused with Dancing Penguin from PSA missions.
Dance Challenge title

The disco penguin

The disco penguin is a character seen in the video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS. The character appears on the dance floor of the Night Club, making disco poses. If talked to, he allows the player to play Dance Challenge.

During mission 7 in the game, Double Trouble, he plays a small role. Players have to defeat him in Dance Challenge to win over Pop. After the contest is over, a loud noise is heard from Boiler Room, causing him to cower. Unlike the DJ Penguin, he stays behind, worried.


  • He appears to wear The Disco, although his other clothing is not actual items.
  • He appears in the game Dance Challenge, where he performs moves, which the player must then repeat. He appears without any clothing, however.