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Disney Interactive Studios is a worldwide international game publisher. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company and publishes all Club Penguin video games.

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  • Club Penguin TV Show From Disney Channel and Disney XD

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    • Well we have seen TV specials, though I would wonder how it would work if it was a full series using the same style we seen in those specials.
    • actually Disney XD been be removed to TV,soon be remplaced to Marvel HQ.
  • Club Penguin In Kingdom Hearts 3?

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    • Based on the trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3, I don't think Club Penguin was there... so i thereby disagree that Club Penguin is perfect fit ...
    • I wish it could be included,as frozen has to do with snow and ice,could replace it or be an optional world like the world of winnie the pooh wh...
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