The Disney Shop
Disney Shop exterior

The shop at Beacon Boardwalk

Is it visible right now? Yes
Type Store
Where? Beacon Boardwalk and Island Central

The Disney Shop is a shop in Club Penguin Island, located at both the Beacon Boardwalk and Island Central. Both shops contain the same items. Here, members can buy various items themed after several Disney franchises, including Frozen and Monsters Inc.

The shop at the Beacon Boardwalk was present in Club Penguin Island since the game's beta, but it could not be accessed until the 1.1.1 update. The shop at Island Central was opened in the 1.7.1 update, along with the zone itself.

Items sold

Descendants 2


"Fancy VK fashions that are killing it"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
The Formal Mal icon
The Formal Mal Hair & Hats Item Evil cleans up good 55 coins
Mal's Gown icon
Mal's Gown Full Body Item Formal gown with a dash of attitude 65 coins
The Formal Evie icon
The Formal Evie Hair & Hats Item Beautiful blue locks—was there ever any doubt? 55 coins
Evie's Gown icon
Evie's Gown Full Body Item Eye-catching elegeance that understands fashion 65 coins
The Formal Uma icon
The Formal Uma Hair & Hats Item Aquamarine flair, surprisingly free of sea salt 55 coins
Uma's Gown icon
Uma's Gown Full Body Item Wavy frills, perfect for a posh pirate 65 coins
The Dizzy CPI icon
The Dizzy Hair & Hats Item A fun style that isn't afraid to be different 55 coins
Dizzy's Outfit icon
Dizzy's Outfit Full Body Item Messy art or an arty mess? Dizzy’s outfit is experimental and expressive 65 coins
Cotillion Fabrics icon
Cotillion Fabrics Fabrics The hottest fabrics of the season, Isle of the Lost style 45 coins
Cotillion Decals icon
Cotillion Decals Decals Make your mark on the world 35 coins


"So many ways to be wicked!"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Uma's Outfit icon
Uma's Outfit Full Body Item Win the respect of any pirate crew. 60 coins
The Uma icon
The Uma Hair & Hats Item Blue and silver braids – hair goals. 40 coins
Uma's Boots icon
Uma's Boots Shoes Item Made for stomping around a pirate ship. 40 coins
Uma's Makeup icon
Uma's Makeup Face extras Item Like a wave crashing over your eyes. 30 coins
Mal's Outfit CPI icon
Mal's Outfit Full Body Item Something about this says, "I'm trouble." 60 coins
The Mal CPI icon
The Mal Hair & Hats Item Oh, and wicked hair, by the way. 40 coins
Mal's Boots CPI icon
Mal's Boots Shoes Item The path of good or evil? These boots go wherever they please. 35 coins
Mal's Makeup CPI icon
Mal's Makeup Face extras Item Looks so good it's bad. 30 coins
Evie's Outfit CPI icon
Evie's Outfit Full Body Item Rotten to the core, but you gotta admit—it looks great. 60 coins
The Evie CPI icon
The Evie Hair & Hats Item With hair like this, you'd be the fairest of them all. 40 coins
Evie's Boots CPI icon
Evie's Boots Shoes Item Perfect for struttin' and chillin' like a villain. 40 coins
Evie's Makeup icon
Evie's Makeup Face extras Item The secret is applying it in upward, confident strokes. 30 coins
Ben's Outfit icon
Ben's Outfit Full Body Item Might not be the usual royal look but you still look regal. 60 coins
The Ben icon
The Ben Hair & Hats Item Forget the crown, and rock the beanie. 35 coins
Ben's Boots icon
Ben's Boots Shoes Item Not too flashy. After all, you're a king of the people. 40 coins
Descendants 2 Fabrics icon
Descendants 2 Fabrics Fabrics Edgy, tough fabrics from the Isle of the Lost 45 coins
Descendants 2 Decals icon
Descendants 2 Decals Decals Show your VK pride with these decals 35 coins

Big Hero 6

"These new high-tech items will have you satisfied with your care"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Baymax's Battle Suit icon
Baymax's Battle Suit Full Body Item Excellent protection for robots—and coincidentally, penguins too 60 coins
Wing Add-ons icon
Wing Add-ons Body extras Item These won't let you fly but they will let you look the part 40 coins
Hiro's Battle Helm icon
Hiro's Battle Helm Hair & Hats Item Even heroes know that safety matters 40 coins
Hiro's Battle Suit icon
Hiro's Battle Suit Full Body Item A sleek battle suit for crime fighters 60 coins
Hiro's Boots icon
Hiro's Boots Shoes Item This hero has big boots to fill 30 coins
Big Hero 6 Fabrics icon
Big Hero 6 Fabrics Fabrics Exciting fabrics from San Fransokyo 45 coins
Big Hero 6 Decals icon
Big Hero 6 Decals Decals Design with heroic stickers 35 coins

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

"Experience new Frozen traditions with these items"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Elsa's Radiant Hair icon
Elsa's Radiant Hair Hair & Hats Item Magical snowflakes sparkle on this icy white style 40 coins
Elsa's Sparkling Dress icon
Elsa's Sparkling Dress Full Body Item A wintry, beautiful design for those not bothered by the cold 60 coins
Anna's Winter Dress icon
Anna's Winter Dress Full Body Item Warm and cozy, perfect for an evening by the fireplace 60 coins
Anna's Winter Hair icon
Anna's Winter Hair Hair & Hats Item Braided hair topped with a festive and elegant wreath 40 coins
Festive Olaf Costume icon
Festive Olaf Costume Full Body Item Formal attire for snowmen celebrating the holidays 60 coins
Frozen Holiday Fabrics icon
Frozen Holiday Fabrics Fabrics Fabrics resonating with a chilly magic 45 coins
Frozen Holiday Decals icon
Frozen Holiday Decals Decals Decals inspired by the sights of Arendelle 35 coins
Iced Tree icon
Iced Tree Landscaping Item This sparkling tree doesn't need decorations 40 coins each
Arendelle Garland icon
Arendelle Garland Wall extras Item Deck the halls with these festive boughs. 20 coins each
Arendelle Wreath icon
Arendelle Wreath Wall extras Item A holiday tradition from the Kingdom of Arendelle 30 coins each
Palace Banner icon
Palace Banner Decorations Item Introduce a bit of the royal palace to your igloo 30 coins each
Icey Fence icon
Icey Fence Decorations Item This magical fence is great for royal walkways 30 coins each
Icicle Arch icon
Icicle Arch Decorations Item Give your igloo the majestic entrance it deserves 30 coins each


"Woo-oo! Join the gang for tales of derring-do!"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Gear Scrooge's Cane icon
Scrooge's Cane Gear Show them you've still got it with this treasure-hunting tool! 50 coins
The Scrooge McDuck icon
The Scrooge McDuck Face extras Item For penguins worth over five multiplujillion dollars 30 coins
Scrooge's Jacket icon
Scrooge's Jacket Tops Item When you're smarter than the smarties 60 coins
Scrooge's Spats icon
Scrooge's Spats Shoes Item When you're tougher than the toughies 35 coins
Scrooge's Top Hat icon
Scrooge's Top Hat Hair & Hats Item Stays on even when diving into coins 40 coins
Huey's Red Hat icon
Huey's Red Hat Hair & Hats Item Perfect for every Junior Woodchuck 40 coins
Huey's Shirt icon
Huey's Shirt Tops Item Curious enough to get into trouble, clever enough to get out 35 coins
The Dewey icon
The Dewey Hair & Hats Item How does he Dewey it? With great hair of course 30 coins
Dewey's Shirt icon
Dewey's Shirt Tops Item It's not easy being amazing but you manage 35 coins
The Louie icon
The Louie Hair & Hats Item Trademark, Louie Duck 30 coins
Louie's Sweater icon
Louie's Sweater Tops Item Innocent, or devious? 40 coins
The Webby icon
The Webby Hair & Hats Item Spunky, fierce - just like you! 40 coins
Webby's Dress icon
Webby's Dress Full Body Item Dress like your favorite adventurer! 60 coins
Donald's Sailor Hat icon
Donald's Sailor Hat Hair & Hats Item Every houseboat captain needs one 40 coins
Donald's Shirt icon
Donald's Shirt Tops Item What's the big idea?—This styling shirt! 45 coins
Launchpad's Pilot Cap icon
Launchpad's Pilot Cap Hair & Hats Item You can count on this pilot! 40 coins
Launchpad's Outfit icon
Launchpad's Outfit Full Body Item Put your seats back in the upright position! 60 coins
Launchpad's Boots icon
Launchpad's Boots Shoes Item Being the world's best pilot isn't easy 40 coins

Cars 3

"Race to check out these tubes, decals, and fabrics"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Blueprint High Speed Suit icon
High Speed Suit Blueprint A look that belongs in the winner's circle 100 coins
Cars 3 Fabrics icon
Cars 3 Fabrics Fabrics Fabrics that prove you're driven to win 35 coins
Cars 3 Decals icon
Cars 3 Decals Decals Decals for sponsored pro racers 35 coins
Tube Lightning icon
Lightning Tube A flashy tube sure to wow the crowd 70 coins
Tube Storm icon
Storm Tube A stylish tube packed with the latest tech 70 coins
Tube Cruz icon
Cruz Tube Tear up the track with this tube 70 coins

Tangled: The Series

"Take on the world with these items!"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
The Rapunzel icon
The Rapunzel Hair & Hats Item Long and magical, be careful not to get it tangled 45 coins
The Eugene icon
The Eugene Hair & Hats Item Daring and dashing. Also known as The Flynn 35 coins
The Cassandra icon
The Cassandra Hair & Hats Item This wavy style hints at inner confidence 40 coins
Pascal icon
Pascal Hair & Hats Item A Pascal on your head is a good look 40 coins
Rapunzel's Makeup icon
Rapunzel's Makeup Face extras Item A fresh look for the princess on the go 30 coins
Eugene's Goatee icon
Eugene's Goatee Face extras Item A patch of charisma for your chin 25 coins
Rapunzel's Dress icon
Rapunzel's Dress Full Body Item Perfect for adventuring—goes well with bare feet! 60 coins
Eugene's Clothing icon
Eugene's Clothing Full Body Item Made with cotton, leather, and rogue-ish charm 60 coins
Cassandra's Costume icon
Cassandra's Costume Full Body Item Allows for easy movement when sword fighting 60 coins
Cassandra's Boots icon
Cassandra's Boots Shoes Item Tough and durable, just like you 30 coins
Eugene's Boots icon
Eugene's Boots Shoes Item A good choice for those on the run 30 coins
Blueprint Royal Dress icon
Royal Dress Blueprint An elegant style that fits right in at a royal ball 60 coins
Tangled Fabrics icon
Tangled Fabrics Fabrics You won't need magical hair to look great in these whimsical patterns 45 coins
Tangled Decals icon
Tangled Decals Decals Highlight your outfit with some of Rapunzel's favorite things 35 coins


"Give a warm welcome to these cool costumes"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Elsa Hair icon
Elsa Hair Hair & Hats Item An ice cool braid inspired by Queen Elsa 50 coins
Anna Hair icon
Anna Hair Hair & Hats Item Build all the snowmen with hair inspired by Anna 25 coins
Elsa Makeup icon
Elsa Makeup Face extras Item Give your eyes a sparkle 25 coins
Anna Makeup icon
Anna Makeup Face extras Item A bold look for a bold princess 40 coins
Elsa Dress icon
Elsa Dress Full Body Item Wear this and the cold will never bother you 65 coins
Anna Dress icon
Anna Dress Full Body Item Great for parties, not so great for trekking through snow 65 coins
Olaf Costume icon
Olaf Costume Full Body Item Will not melt if worn in summer 60 coins
Supplies Magic Snowflake icon
Magic Snowflake Party Supplies Wield winter magic with this frosty party supply 15 coins each
Frozen fabrics icon
Frozen fabrics Fabrics Straight from the closets of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff 45 coins
Frozen decals icon
Frozen decals Decals Don't forget to add a touch of magic 35 coins

Finding Dory

"Just keep swimming with these fan-sea items"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Dory Costume CPI icon
Dory Costume Full Body Item Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 60 coins
Nemo Costume CPI icon
Nemo Costume Full Body Item You'll be funny as a clownfish! Or is that a common misconception? 60 coins
Dory decals icon
Dory decals Decals Turn your outfit into a splash hit! 35 coins
Dory fabrics icon
Dory fabrics Fabrics Bring part of the ocean onto the island 45 coins
Supplies Bubble Maker icon
Bubble Maker Party Supplies Make bubbles with your undersea friends 20 coins each


Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Nick Wilde Head icon
Nick Wilde Head Hair & Hats Item What does the fox say? Wear this to find out. 40 coins
Judy Hopps Head icon
Judy Hopps Head Hair & Hats Item Oh, sweet cheese and crackers! 40 coins
Nick Wilde Costume CPI icon
Nick Wilde Costume Full Body Item Even a penguin can be a sly fox 55 coins
Judy Hopps Costume CPI icon
Judy Hopps Costume Full Body Item Solve the case in this costume 60 coins
Supplies Pawpsicle icon
Pawpsicle Party Supplies It's no scam! These pawpsicles really are delicious 15 coins each

Monsters Inc.

Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Sulley Mask CPI icon
Sulley Mask Hair & Hats Item Who DOESN'T want to look like James P. Sullivan? 40 coins
Mike Costume CPI icon
Mike Costume Full Body Item Be the Mike Wazowski you've always wanted to be 60 coins
Sulley Costume CPI icon
Sulley Costume Full Body Item Yes, this costume is as soft as it looks 60 coins
Supplies Scream Canister icon
Scream Canister Party Supplies Unleash the power of screams! 20 coins each
Monstrous fabrics icon
Monstrous fabrics Fabrics Make a scare with these frightening patterns! 45 coins
Monstrous decals icon
Monstrous decals Decals Your outfit will be a scream with these decals 35 coins

Toy Story

Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Woody's Hat icon
Woody's Hat Hair & Hats Item No "Howdy Partner" is complete without this hat 40 coins
Woody's Boots icon
Woody's Boots Shoes Item There's no snake in these boots 40 coins
Woody's Costume icon
Woody's Costume Full Body Item Toy around with these famous sheriff duds 60 coins
Buzz Costume icon
Buzz Costume Full Body Item To Club Penguin Island, and beyond! 70 coins
Supplies Pizza Planet Box icon
Pizza Planet Box Party Supplies Delicious pizza chosen by The Claw itself! 25 coins each
Toy Story fabrics icon
Toy Story fabrics Fabrics Dress up as a toy come to life! 45 coins
Toy Story decals icon
Toy Story decals Decals The smallest items can bring the most joy 35 coins

Elena of Avalor

"A royal assortment of items that definitely rule"
Icon Name Item type Description Cost
Elena Hair icon
Elena Hair Hair & Hats Item Now you can rule your very own kingdom! 50 coins
Isabel Hair icon
Isabel Hair Hair & Hats Item Made for a princess, good enough for a queen 45 coins
Elena Dress icon
Elena Dress Full Body Item Ready to be Crown Princess? This is your time! 60 coins
Isabel Dress icon
Isabel Dress Full Body Item Clever fashion for the clever princess. 60 coins

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges involve the Disney Shop. Challenges with a dark gray background are currently unused, and do not appear in the game.

Beacon Boardwalk shop

Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Disney Deal
AA quest icon
Solo Visit the Disney Shop in the Boardwalk 30 coins and 40 XP No
Pit Stop Shop
RH quest icon
Solo Visit the Cars 3 Shop 30 coins and 40 XP No
Tales Sales
AA quest icon
Solo Visit the DuckTales shop 30 coins and 40 XP No
Just Ducky Unknown Unknown Buy a DuckTales item from the shop. Unknown Unknown
Big Hero Shopping
RK quest icon
Solo Visit the Big Hero 6 shop in the Boardwalk 30 coins and 40 XP No

Island Central shop

Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Cosplay Day
AA quest icon
Solo Check out the Disney shop in Island Central 30 coins and 40 XP No
Sprint Stint
RK quest icon
Solo Run a lap around the Disney Shop's statue 40 coins and 40 XP No
Frozen Zone
AA quest icon
Solo Visit the Olaf's Frozen Adventure display in Island Central 30 coins and 40 XP No
Foe Fashion
DJ quest icon
Solo Visit the Descendants 2 shop in Island Central 30 coins and 40 XP No


  • According to SGT Sparkles, the Island Central location was implemented to make the shop more accessible, as it was highly visited.[1]


Beacon Boardwalk

Island Central


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseLoja Disney
FrenchBoutique Disney
SpanishTienda de Disney
German N/A
Russian N/A


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