Dizzy's Outfit
Dizzy's Outfit icon
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Available Yes
Type Full Body Item
Cost 65 coins
ID 372
Internal name dizzysGown

Dizzy's Outfit is a unique full body item in Club Penguin Island. Members can buy it at the Disney Shop for 65 coins.


Location Available from Available until
Disney Shop January 25, 2018 Still available

Daily Challenges

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The following challenges involve wearing Dizzy's Outfit.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
We're an Evil Outfit
RH quest icon
Solo Make an outfit using Descendants 2 cotillion decals or fabrics 50 coins and 40 XP Yes
Uma's Crew
RK quest icon
Solo Wear a Descendants outfit and take over the Migrator 50 coins and 0 XP Yes
DJ quest icon
Solo Wear a Descendants outfit and take over the Cove stage 50 coins and 40 XP Yes


  • Its description is "Messy art or an arty mess? Dizzy’s outfit is experimental and expressive".

Names in other languages

PortugueseConjunto de DizzyArte confusa ou confusão artística? O conjunto de Dizzzy é experimental e expressivo
FrenchTenue de DizzyDésordre artistique ou art désordonné ? La tenue de Dizzy est expressive et expérimentale.
SpanishVestido de Dizzy¿Arte desordenado o desorden artístico? El vestido de Dizzy es experimental y expresivo

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