Do It Yourself Carting
Do it yourself carting
Characters Gary
Games played Cart Surfer
Elite Puffles used Flare, Blast

Do It Yourself Carting is the sixth EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, you must head into the uncharted Mine Tunnels to search for Gary. However, the tunnels are dangerous, and you must build a custom mine cart that can handle the rough terrain.


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Following right off of the previous mission, you are in the Mine, wondering how you will go about finding Gary. You decide it would be best to build a custom mine cart, as you are heading into unexplored territory. You head up to the Mine Shack, where a miner penguin greets you. You ask him if you can build a custom mine cart, to which he agrees, and opens up the Tool Shed for you. You head inside, and look around, and find some spare wheels you can use. You go back outside, and with the supplies you gathered, tip over a water trough to use as the base. You then call Flare to weld the wheels to the base, completing the custom mine cart. You bring it down back into the Mine, and ride it down through the rugged tunnels, until you end up in a small cave. You see a tipped over mine cart, and after getting closer, you learn Gary is inside. You try and help him out, and he is thankful that help has arrived, but suggests you don't try and lift the cart yourself. With the help of Blast, you knock over a nearby boulder, revealing a small air flow. You gather nearby deflated balloons, and use the air flow to inflate them, and with a nearby rope, you attach them to the mine cart that Gary is trapped under. The mine cart proceeds to float away, but bumps into some stalactites above. The balloons pop, and the mine cart falls, blocking the way you came from. However, Gary is just relieved he is saved, but has lost some of his memory. He then lets you use the Super Power Flashlight he has been working, which you snap onto your Spy Gadget. Using Gary's invention, you light up a very dark nearby cavern, which you find to have many materials scattered around. You see an exit, but it is boarded up. Calling upon Blast, he breaks the boards, and after he does, a strange figure can be seen peering in from outside the cave. You wonder if you are imagining things, and then take Gary back to HQ. The Director then congratulates you for finding Gary. You are then promoted to Super High Level Clearance.


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