Dojo Courtyard

Where Outside the Dojo.
Opened Dig Out the Dojo 2008
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
This is the Courtyard. It was covered in snow for many moons! Enter the Dojo and take the path of the ninja.
The Dojo Courtyard is the entrance to both the Dojo and the Ninja Hideout. You can either go inside the Dojo or into the Ninja Hideout; if you're a ninja. The door to the Ninja Hideout is behind the stone tablet with strange writing written on it. If you are a ninja, you can enter the wooden door if you move your cursor. It is accessible by the Map or the EPF Spy Phone.

Dojo Exterior

The Dojo Exterior was first covered with snow when the first construction work at the Dojo began. After the 2008 Halloween party, part of the Dojo broke, producing a hole in the top left corner which you would either walk up to or click to enter the Dojo Exterior. The name of this covered-up snow was discovered when the room is loading it said the Dojo Exterior. But when you would click 'Find' on someones player card on your buddy list, it would say Dojo Roof. The Dojo Exterior had a mysterious gray-colored Penguin digging up snow. His name was "The Sensei", however officially now known as Sensei, which means "master" in Japanese and is possibly used in kung-fu and other Japanese martial arts.



The so-called yeti during Dig Out The Dojo.

  • The Dojo Courtyard has a double-door entrance to the Dojo, even though inside the Dojo, there is only one door.
  • It is currently unknown where the stairs at the base of the Dojo lead.
  • There is a card featuring it however it's not a power card.
  • It used to be called the Mystery Mountain.


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