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Doom Drones
Marvel Catalog Doom Drone.png

Full Name Doom Drones
Species Robot
Gender Unknown
Position Henchmen of Super Villains, Protobot's Minions
Appeared Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
Club Penguin Times
Color Black, and Green
Clothes Items Doom Drone
Related To Destructobot
Friends With N/A
Meetable Character? No

Doom Drones are robotic penguins. The Doom Drones are an army of robots that are lead by Protobot at the Marvel Super Hero Takeovers.


Super Villains and Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 controlled them and led them to the destruction of Penguintropolis (Club Penguin Island). Their master is the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000. The Doom Drones helped Protobot and the other villains wreck Club Penguin and defeat the Super Heroes in the Marvel Parties. Although they appeared in the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, they had less of a role than they had in the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, due to the Robot Villains being added.


  • There is a costume for them, called the Doom Drone.