Double Trouble
Double trouble
Number Mission 7
Characters You, PH
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games Dance Challenge
New Elite Puffles Loop, Pop
Special Places Puffle Training Room

Double Trouble is the seventh EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, you must train with two Elite Puffles; Loop and Pop. However, they are stubborn, and do not want to train.


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At the beginning of the mission, you see the Puffle Handler, who is asleep, and trapped in a bubble. You wake her up, and she tells you that you were supposed to train with the pink and purple Elite Puffles, but they decided to skip training, and put PH in a bubble and ran off. You first go to the Ice Rink, where Loop is playing around. She does not pay attention to you, and you must get her attention. With Bouncer, the two of you launch three snowballs at the goal, the third of which goes in. This captures Loop's attention. PH then warps you back to the Puffle Training Room, where you start your training. PH flies a Jet Pack around the air, and with the help of Loop, you must use her lasso to stop the jet pack. PH congratulates you, and says you should start looking for Pop, and suggests looking at the Night Club. However, when you try and go in the Night Club, a penguin stops you. He says the party is fancy, and you can only go in if you are wearing fancy clothing. A nearby pink penguin tells you there are some leftover pieces of fancy clothing at the Stage. Upon arriving there, the manager is panicking, as a rogue Jackhammer 3000 is destroying the scenery. With the help of Loop, you stop the jackhammer, and the manager thanks you, and lets you take a fancy costume from the Costume Trunk as repayment. With your new clothes, you head back to the Town, but this time, you are let into the Night Club. Pop is there, dancing. You talk to the dancing penguin, and he says Pop will only be willing to come with you if you dance well. You challenge the dancing penguin to a round of Dance Challenge. After winning, Pop is impressed, but there is immediately a large crashing noise. You and the DJ Penguin go down into the Boiler Room to investigate, and see that the Boiler is missing, and the file cabinet is knocked over, blocking the door, but Pop is able to lift it with a bubble. Oddly, there is an oil can underneath. The DJ says he will stay there and make sure no one tampers with the bubble. You then go through the Underground Pool and into the Mine, where you encounter Dot, who is investigating a deflated inner tube. She says she was on the trail of something, and was unaware the boiler was stolen. You both warp back to HQ, where you report your findings to The Director. He/she says the situation is becoming more dire, and that it is important you train with the last two Elite Puffles. You then are sent over to the Beacon to finish your training.


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